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Clarissa_C's Reviews

Jan 19,2017
This review is marked as a spoiler.

Cinder looked and sounded very promising, and it was a bit of a letdown. 

Meyer seems to promise a story of the always loved Cinderella but coupled with interesting and exciting twists of cyborgs, aliens, royalty and the whole shebang that sci-fi YA novels all seem to have. Instead, the book provides a somewhat flat and boring plot, with a few forced references to the fairy tale, and almost no explanation for anything.  Granted, Cinder is only the first book in the Lunar Chronicles and so one would expect that the following editions would provide the entire story and answer the questions, however, because the first book was more a collection of pieces of muddled information that was hardly enough to get interested on, it simply annoyed me rather than intrigued me. 

Meyer introduces a surplus of characters and questions, none of whom are well-developed. Even the setting of the novel was confusing, as though it is supposed to be set in futuristic Bangkok, it was more like a single street of market stalls because that's all that is actually properly described. There seems to be a lot that Meyer wanted to add into this novel, and because of that, I feel that the writing was distracted--too caught up in the big twists that were going to happen next, then the situation that was happening now. Cinder is chock-full with unnecessary additions and 'exciting storylines' that doesn't exactly flow with each other. As a result, I can only hope that the series cleans its act up and decide what it actually wants to be---and stick to it.