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‘Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.’ – Groucho Marx

Submit to Voiceworks!

Calling all talented writers – and I know you are here because I read your work! Have you thought of submitting to the literary journal Voiceworks?

Voiceworks is a national literary journal, featuring new fiction, nonfiction, poetry, visual art and comics by Australians under the age of 25. Voiceworks is produced entirely by people yet to hit the quarter-century mark and relies on contributions from readers to make up its content. Each selected piece goes through a collaborative editing process, and individualised feedback is provided for all unsuccessful written submissions. All published contributors are paid for their work.


Current Theme: As If!

Start with the letter ‘o’, the shape of your mouth moving and how it melts in the sun. Is it silence or breath because you don’t want to give it a name? The land caves in and your hand feels like forgiveness, or maybe it’s paprika and cut grass. If you fill the cracks with icing and then lick them clean, is it desire for delusion or something simply other? Tell me how far I have to wound to keep the windows flashing, how far until they merge into one? Someone is catching the sands and counting, somewhere a castle is built. She thumps and she yawns and she’s your cat cutting love into sliced apples where the seeds spill your name. You hear the whistle of the train at the station, weaving the whispers behind. It begins like this: the floors keep talking and they’re telling you NEVER AGAIN.

~Thanks to EdCommers Sanna Wei and Wen-Juenn Lee for the blurb~

The theme is a guideline, a jumping off point – a prompt,  Voiceworks accepts:

Fiction: send no more than two stories, each no more than 3,000 words.

Poetry: send no more than three poems, each no more than 100 lines. We recommend reading our poetry guide here before sending us your work.

Nonfiction: we recommend that you pitch your nonfiction work before sending it to us. Head here for advice on how to construct your pitch and write good nonfiction. For completed work, send no more than two pieces, each no more than 3,000 words.

Art and comics: please keep in mind, we print in duotone (only two colours of ink) and our page dimensions are 170 x 245 mm. We recommend you pitch your comics before sending them to us. For advice on how to pitch your comics, check out our handy guide here. Please send no more than three artworks or comics.

We encourage you to submit across genres, but please send us no more than four submissions in total (excluding comics and art).


Nonfiction pitches—Monday 6th January, 11:59pm AEDT

Fiction, completed nonfiction and poetry—Sunday 12th January, 11:59pm AEDT

Art, comics and comic pitches—Sunday 2nd February, 11:59pm AEDT


For more information go to the Voiceworks website.

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This looks awesome- definitely going to check it out!

15th Nov, 19