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‘Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.’ – Groucho Marx

September Bookstagram Challenge!

Want to join in a #LoveOzYA instagram challenge this September? This one is hosted by delicate eternity at AusYABloggers, and looks likes heaps of bookish fun.

2) The books you choose don’t have to be by Aussie authors but sharing the #loveozya love is always nice!
3) Use the hashtag #ausyachallenge19 so they can see all your beautiful posts!
4)  Follow @ausyabloggers as the hosts it’s always appreciated ☺️
5) You can repost the challenge prompts so others know you’re joining in just head over to @ausyabloggers

  1. #TBR – this one is easy, just post a photo of the book/s you plan on reading in September
  2. #mapmonday – any book/s that have a map on the inside
  3. Journey – this could be a magical journey, or a journey of self discovery
  4. Disability – a book by a disabled author or with a disabled protagonist
  5. Trickery – a character that tricks people or a story about hidden truths
  6. Preloved – a book you bought secondhand
  7. Indigenous – a book by an Indigenous author or with an Indigenous protagonist
  8. Into the Forest – where the woods or a forest feature prominently
  9. Standalone – a book without a sequel or prequel
  10. Musical – where music features in the story or the book is also a musical
  11. #wickwednesday – feature your bookish candles
  12. Girl Power – a strong female protagonist or a girl gang
  13. Person of Colour – a book by a person or colour or with a protagonist who is a person of colour
  14. #loveozya – a book by an Australian author
  15. Villain – a book about a villain, your favourite villain, or a villain origin story
  16. Hero – a book about a hero or someone who saves the day
  17. OTP – your one true pairing
  18. Friendship – a great friendship, or a story about a friendship instead of a romance
  19. #throwbackthursday – a book you love that’s more than five years old
  20. Adaptation – a book that has been adapted for film or TV
  21. Wet-and-wild – water features prominently (the sea, rivers, pools!)
  22. We Need Diverse Books – your favourite diverse books
  23. #lovenzya – a book by a New Zealand author
  24. Fulfilled Prophecy – where a prophecy is fulfilled
  25. #CoverLove – show us your favourite covers
  26. Auto-Buy-Author – an author whose books you buy automatically
  27. #QueerPride – your favourite queer books
  28. Retelling – a book that retells a fairytale, myth, or legend
  29. Graphic Novel – a graphic novel or comic
  30. Series – a series of books (duology, trilogy etc.)

Okay. Got some ideas? Ready to go? Will we make it through the challenge? All the way to the end? We will try!