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Jul 03,2015
an extremely cute rabbit hiding its face with its paws

Hi there! I’m thrilled to be sitting in the Writer-In-Residence chair at Inside A Dog this month. In case you’re wondering, it’s a very comfortable Chesterfield with a high back and worn-leather armrests. Just a minute – it looks like last month’s resident, the brilliant crime writer Ellie Marney, has left some things for me. A bone saw and skull chisel! How thoughtful.

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Jul 02,2015

Alas!  This is my last post for my writer-in-residence spot here on the InsideaDog blog - sads :(File 31110

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Jun 30,2015

On Sunday morning, at one a.m., I finished the draft of my new book.

File 31102

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Jun 23,2015

So this happened: 

 File 31072

Which, as you can imagine, kind of made my week (and you’ll notice that I neglected to include a Bellamy pic in my last post – ye gads!  Hope this makes up for it).  There may have been some fangirl flailing, and possibly even some silly giggling, when I received that reply.  Hey, I’m not cool, I’m a fan, just like everybody else.

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Jun 15,2015

File 30879

We meet again, my friends!  I see you’ve come to me to get the straight dope on writing crime.  Well, folks, I’m gonna give it to ya – this is an investigation, see?  And here’s the evidence:


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Jun 12,2015

Okay, I admit it, the pic of Bellamy and Clarke looking badass has nothing to do with this post, it 's just for my own amusement.  But now, to the matter at hand!







Lots of people ask me ‘how do you get a book published?’ so I thought I’d better write it down for posterity.  It’s simple, really.  Just follow these easy instructions…

 * Get an idea.  Get a few ideas.  Write them down before they fly away.

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Jun 09,2015


Romeo: Forswear it, sight!  For never did I see true beauty until this night!

Juliet: New phone, who dis


Swoon!  Sigh!  Gasp!

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Jun 02,2015

File 30867Helloooo!!  Ellie Marney here, keeping you company – which means this site is now declared a Crime Scene, heh-heh...

I wrote a YA crime thriller series called the Every series (Every Breath, Every Word, Every Move), which I do believe some of you liked, as Every Breath was shortlisted for the Gold Inky last year, and recently listed as one of the most borrowed YA books in Aussie libraries!

File 30864

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May 31,2015

Dear Reading Matters,

You have exhausted me, inspired me, thrilled me. I have loved talking to librarians, teachers and readers about Nona & Me. 

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May 28,2015

Today, I’m flying to Melbourne, via a three hour stopover in Alice Springs, arriving just in time for the authors’ meet and greet for Reading Matters. I’m excited and honoured to be talking at what I’m told is one of the biggest, best and most enjoyable conferences for YA authors and readers.

I’ve been getting ready for this for the last couple of months; the Reading Matters Team sends out copies of books by your co-panellists so you can read them before the conference (I know – great idea, huh?). Which means I’ve read…

The Flywheel by Erin Gough

Jump by Sean Williams

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