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‘Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.’ – Groucho Marx
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Hello there! My name is Sylvs but you can also call me Pun Maker Extraordinaire (I answer to both.) I'm an ENFP-T and I'm obviously a big fan of anything book related (so much so that I created a public book blog on Tumblr and a bookstagram page on Instagram that you can have a look at just type in ThroneofShook) Aside from books, I'm a MASSIVE KPOP fan and you'll probably see me attempting (and failing) to sing Korean to Pentagon, NCT and quite obviously my favourite groups of all time, BTS (My bias is Jin because of all the dad jokes. We have the whole being extra and the bad humour in common as well) and Stray Kids (My bias is Felix because of his Australian accent *oh ma goodness that lil smol bean!!* I'm Australian and even I don't have that accent!) but I also like some good old The 1975 and Shawn Mendes. (This DOES NOT mean I'm a good singer though because I am THE WORST singer in the world. No contest seriously! God bless the neighbours who had to put up with this human torment) But besides books I am a MAJOR music nerd. I love Youtube as well but I don't upload or have my own channel... YET! I love Dan and Phil though and probably my favourite youtuber: RobertIDK (I even have his merch!! AHH) If you watch his content a lot you'll realise he is a lot like me in his crazy bursts of energy and his sense of humour. I like writing as well but I don't write stories as much as I intend to. I'm planning on writing more though! I write more book reviews and posts on the internet than actual legitimate writing. But I have a bit of my own writing on InsideADog as well it's known as "The book that starts in the middle" around here but it's legitimate name is The Queen's Revenge. (just go to Throne of Shook). I have told people that I have 2 other ideas as well: one being a superhero-y tv show. I don't know the details 100% yet but I know it is set in the year 2345 and it involves an insecure school girl who feels pressured to be "perfect" in society. A schoolboy who is the son of a leading scientist, a hardcore bi-sexual police cop and a broken and forgotten cyborg. They all come together to fight evil as The Silent Songbird (an assassin), The Fire Fox (a guy who can control fire), Armaggedon (the cop who can control ice) and (I have no name for the cyborg yet maybe Radius?? I'm thinking Radius! who can shoot lasers and can go inside computer codes!) The story was COMPLETELY inspired by BTS's music! The 3rd story idea I'm exploring is "what if a book character fell in love with the reader" I'm not going to go into detail about that one because that is probably the least developed in terms of characters and plot. But I love Harry Potter (Gryffindor spirit all the way!) and Star Wars as well as Stranger Things (JUSTICE FOR BARB!), Riverdale (Bughead forever) and Miraculous (I ship Adrienette by the way). I also love drawing I do mainly cartoon/anime but I'm also learning how to draw realistically and I love baking as well! I bake mainly brownies or red velvet cupcakes but I don't mind experimenting with things as well. I also like writing (screenwriting and normal writing), taking photos, petting cats and eating pizza like the monster I am. Get in touch with me and my blogs: Instagram (public) link: https://www.instagram.com/throneofshook/ Tumblr (public) link: https://throneofshook.tumblr.com/ Wattpad (public) link: https://www.wattpad.com/user/SylvsG Facebook (public) link: https://www.facebook.com/xohumanbeingxo/ Goodreads (public) link: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/58835438-sylvs-throneofshook Twitter (book blogging) link: https://twitter.com/XoHumanBeingXo?lang=en Twitter (insight into the real Sylvs [most active on this social media platform]): https://twitter.com/sylvsdahuman?lang=en