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Insideadog has always primarily been a website for young people to share their love of books and reading. From the earliest days, however, it has found a place in school libraries and classrooms as well. These teacher notes are designed to help you integrate insideadog into your classroom and your school.  

Book reviews 

The main focus of insideadog is user-generated book reviews. Students can log on and write about books they have read, and then share their reviews with the site. Each user has a profile page which can be accessed to see what they have reviewed and any comments they have made.

Book clubs 

Book clubs allow readers to join groups based around specific books, series or themes. There they can share reviews, news, fan art they have created, other books they have enjoyed, and more. These clubs can become the basis for a rang eof classroom activities.

Literature Circles 

Literature circles are an approach to reading and responding to books that takes into account student interests and abilities. Insideadog’s book clubs feature can be integrated with literature circles to enhance the in-class experience, or to take part or all of it online.

Writer in residence 

Insideadog hosts a monthly writer in residence. This is a great chance not only for students to engage directly with a writer, but to learn about blogging as a writing medium.

Creative responses to Literature 

Each year, insideadog hosts the Inky award for Creative Reading. Creative responses to literature are a traditional part of many English classes and library programmes, and this site will outline resources available online to support and inspire students and teachers to make something.


Copyright is an important area to address when working in an online environment. Insideadog features resources for working with copyrighted material, and offers alternatives to students and teachers.