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Inky Awards Ambassadors

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‘The Inky Awards are a great opportunity to give teenagers books to read that other teenagers have approved of.’
-Oliver, 2015 Inky Awards Judge

These are the books teens love, chosen by teens, so I want to make sure that everyone knows about them! 2016 marks a decade of the Inky Awards, and my new Ambassador Program is designed to help celebrate that! The program encourages schools to program events around the Inky Awards, and to support them as they do so. Ambassador schools will:

  • act as the local hub for all things Inky
  • be responsible for uniting their local reading community
  • work with my team (the Centre for Youth Literature) to run key events that tie in with the Awards

But even more importantly the Ambassador Program, like the Awards themselves, has been developed with teens in mind. Ambassador Schools have selected a team of teen ambassadors who will develop, market, and produce their Inky Awards events. These teens will be working closely with the Centre for Youth Literature to deliver a high standard event that showcases their love of books, and create a space that unites their reading community.

The flagship Ambassador Schools for 2016 are:

I look forward to introducing you to their teams of teen ambassadors soon!

Resource Toolkits

You don't have to be an official Ambassador School to celebrate the Inky Awards. If you'd like to run your own events, or engage with the Inky Awards in your classroom or library, the resource kits below offer plenty of activities to run with your readers. And I can’t wait to see the results!

Inky Awards Ambassadors Toolkits:

General Inky Awards Resource Toolkits:

Celebrating Inky Awards with Taylors Lakes Secondary College

An excellent time was had with the Taylors Lakes Secondary College Inky Award Ambassador team.

Take a look at their celebrations with the wonderful Lili Wilkinson: