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‘Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.’ – Groucho Marx

Oct-Nov Lit Club Discussion Leaders!

We have 10 discussion leaders for October-November Lit Club!

Thank you! This is going to be brilliant!

We have the return of some of our leaders from last time – imosshelf, sylvs, bookwithbane, lauraamabel and eyespie! 

This gang are proven book club gold! We know them around here for their terrific reviews, recommendations, wild TBR lists (looking at you sylvs!), creative content and supportive comments!

And we have some newbie Lit Clubbers – who you might know from the Inky Awards! We have Inky Judges bubbles and goldfish and Shadow Judges (with appropriately bookishly names), bookhaven and booklover and newcomer and also bookishly named bookreader who we know for writing wonderfully poetic posts.

All of these reading champoins and a LoveOzYA feminist fantasy? It’s going to be wild!

Want to join in? Go get yourselves a copy of The Girl Who Fell by Violet Grace from your library or book shop. READ AND JOIN IN! Anyone can COMMENT and if you want to POST something, just comment on the Lit Club and I will add you as a contributor. Easy!



This will be great!

17th Oct, 19

Thanks Inky for the opportunity and the exposing ;)

17th Oct, 19

Can't wait to contribute more!

20th Oct, 19

super duper excited!!!!! I can't wait to start writing and talking with all of you! Thanks Inky :) *insert a somewhat funny pun about books*

23rd Oct, 19