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May 25,2017

Meet Alex! She loves all things books!

When she's not busy being one of this year's Inky Awards Judges, she goes to school at John XXIII College in Western Australia. 

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May 25,2017

Meet Brodie! She is a massive bookworm and one of this year's Inky Awards judges

When she's not dancing, drawing, reading or writing, Brodie goes to school at Kenmore State High School in Queensland. 

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May 24,2017

We received a record number of applications from so many amazing book-loving teens.

We are very excited and proud to announce this year’s Inky Awards judges:

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May 22,2017

By DAB member Yuna

Read something amazing but don’t have anyone to talk about it with? NO ONE you know reads???? Is there so much angst and feeeeeeelings stored up inside you that need to be shared with the world? These (kind of) easy steps will boost your number of friends and finally give you the resources to fully express your love for books.

1. Join a BOOK CLUB

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May 18,2017

By DAB member Aahana, the 7 Things You Do After the Final Book Has Destroyed You

1. Stare at the space in front of you, contemplating what to do with the rest of your day/week/life.

2. Come up with the most crazy theories that could only be true in your wildest dreams.

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May 16,2017
By DAB member Gabrielle 

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May 16,2017
Randa Abdel-Fattah interview

Randa Abdel-Fattah is an award-winning author of 11 books, as well as an academic, former lawyer and human rights advocate. Randa’s PhD in Sociology explored everyday multiculturalism, Islamophobia and racism in Australia. Her latest YA novel, When Michael Met Mina, won the 2017 Victorian Premier's Literary Awards Prize for Writing for Young Adults and is longlisted for the 2017 Gold Inky Award. Randa is giving the closing address at the Reading Matters conference in June.

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May 15,2017

Advice from DAB member Flynn on the 7 Steps to Writing a Novel

1. Say goodbye to all your friends

When you begin to write a novel it is probably best to say goodbye to your social life.  A clean break is always best and when you become more invested in your characters you will feel less invested in the people around you. As you open yourself up to the world you have created, you will shut yourself off from the world around you.

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May 12,2017
Reading Matters 2017 tours

Reading Matters is taking the show on the road!


For our South Australian friends, award-winning author A.S. King and #LoveOzYA favourite Shivaun Plozza are coming your way! If you want to catch these awesome authors while they are in Adelaide, come along to this free public event at the Institute Building on Tuesday 6 June. Click here to snap up tickets before they’re gone!


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May 09,2017
Lance Balchin interview

Lance Balchin is the author and illustrator of the beautiful Mechanica and Aquatica, the first two titles in his series of picture books centred on a technological future. Lance studied photography at the University of Tasmania and has a Masters of Arts and Bachelor of Laws. He has worked in fashion photography and fine art portraiture, and taught adult photography and film making.

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