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Mar 21,2017
Reading Matters Public Day Program


The full Reading Matters program is now available, including the line-up for our much anticipated #YAmatters Public Day on Sunday 4 June!

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Feb 23,2017

The 2017 Inky Awards longlist has just been announced! The list was selected by our wise, thoughtful Inky alumni from all around Australia, who have done a stellar job selecting their favourite YA titles from all those published last year.

(If you think that sounds like a fun job, then maybe you should apply to be a judge for this year’s awards! We’re currently looking for bookish teens from all around Australia to help us select the 2017 shortlist. If you’d like to get involved, click here to apply.)

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Feb 13,2017

File 36954If you love reading, talking about books and debating what makes a great book, then apply now to be a 2017 Inky Awards Judge!

 What does an Inky Awards Judge do?

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Jan 18,2017

Inside a Dog is getting a makeover! You may have noticed the Dog looking at bit shabby these past few months. The great news is that we’re currently in the process of redeveloping Inside a Dog, with the aim of having a shiny new website ready for you by the middle of 2017.

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Dec 27,2016

I cannot believe I am writing my last post already! This has been an awesome opportunity and I hope you have all enjoyed reading my posts as much as I have loved writing them. But all great things must come to an end (who said writers hate clichés?), and I am ending with, not quite a bang, but just some last minute thoughts to settle an age old debate. Are new books as good as library books? Are library books as good as new ones?

Let's start with library books and, like your teacher's tell you to do, assess the strengths and weaknesses before coming to a conclusion. Libraries are one of the most special places in the world. You're surrounded by people who are in the same place for the same reason you are - books. To either research, study or simply read at their own leisure, the library is filled with fascinating people and fascinating books. The books which line the library shelves have their own stories with thousands of previous owners all with different intentions, interests and opinions. I don't want to get too deep and meaningful here, but they really have been on different journeys. They have been read on buses, in beds, on couches, maybe even secretly under sheets when you're meant to be asleep (I know I did that when I was younger). When they're returned, the stories are not visible, but there is no denying that every single one of the books you borrow have their own biography. This small recognition of the adventure library books have been on make your expedition even more interesting.

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Dec 19,2016

Admit it, as much as we would like to deny it, we have all encountered a main character in a novel whom we have disliked. You don't even have an explanation for it (or maybe you do: no judgement here), but the protagonist of your newly started novel just starts to do your absolute brain in. Whether the book is in first person or third person, 90% of the books you read you relate the to the main character. They're either quirky, or excitable or their thoughts are relatable or they save the day, but you're lying if you say you have never come across a main character you just can't wrap your head around, resulting in crying, giving up or simply throwing a book out the window, hence the GIF below. 

File 36651

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Dec 17,2016

My Fair Lady

The film My Fair Lady has recently been in the media due to the remastering of the film. The film is based on Pygmalion, an Edwardian play about a man called Mr. Higgins attempting to transform Eliza through the power of phonetics. The ending of the text sees that Eliza is independent for Mr Higgins however, George Cukor neglects this, adding his own ‘hollywood’ ending.File 36232

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Dec 13,2016

You're still a writer - their opinions do not matter.

They really don’t. I promise. Now when I talk about ‘them’, I mean anyone; your friends, your parents, anyone close to you or, in my case, teachers. They don’t have to love your writing. No one but you has to love your writing, but you.

Now, take it from someone who has already endured the entire five years of (maybe) a kingdom of subjects, or, for others, absolute hell. But whether you love(d) or hate(d) high school, I know that teacher’s encouragement of students writing, or lack thereof, is a common occurrence I have witnessed, and not only from my own experience. That is why I’m here to remind you (and maybe myself) that you are the only person that has to love your pieces of pure art and teachers with simply a teaching degree, with a major in Literature or not, do not have to. 

File 36613

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Dec 08,2016

Welcoming our last You're the Voice contributor for 2016, Anastasia!

Hello fellow book-lovers, my name is Anastasia, I’m 18 years old, and I just completed Year 12 in South Australia!

When I’m not feeling guilty about reading whilst I should be completing homework (which I no longer have any more of – woohoo!), I enjoy spending time with my friends, writing books and drinking a lot of coffee. No, seriously, I’m talking two cups a day. Plus I refuse to drink instant because how can I possibly look like an aspiring writer if I don’t write in notebooks with a take-away soy latte in my hand that cost me my soul?

Anyway, I’m excited to be writing for December, and I hope you enjoy reading my ‘You’re the Voice’ contribution as much as I enjoy writing them! You’re hopefully going to see from me a couple of opinion/advice articles and possibly some book opinions too!

Now, on to the more important subject; I think we can all agree there is nothing more annoying (except for someone telling you the ending of a book before you finish it), than being the only person in your friendship group, or class, that absolutely adores the 'dreaded' task of reading and writing. I mean sure, I jump onto my laptop at the end of the day and log in to Tumblr and various websites and there you have it, I'm surrounded by people who love the thrilling and passionate (for the few of us) task of reading and writing just like me. Although, this isn't the same as being surrounded by bookworms in the flesh!

File 36587

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Nov 28,2016

I mean, have you read My Immortal? (P.S. You really shouldn’t)

File 36503Fanfiction; you either love it or hate it. As far as I know, there is no in-between. A heatedly debated subject, fanfiction started wars between nations, revived curses long-forgotten, and broke bonds between brothers. (Okay, maybe not the broken bonds part but I am 74% sure that fanfiction caused the rest.) I have seen loving book-club-ians turn on each other whenever the topic of fanfiction is broached, but I am here to ask why?

What exactly is so hated about fanfiction, and on the flipside, what is so great about it?

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