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‘Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.’ – Groucho Marx


cover of midnight sun

Okay so I have noticed many of us are rereading books and comfort reading. This is worldwide with The Washington Post recently reporting on the phenomena. Part of that reread for many has included a return to vampires and werewolves and the now iconic YA series, Twilight.

Well today’s news might make you jump for joy! For the Twilight universe is about to expand! Author Stephenie Meyers has announced a new book in the saga, Midnight Sun, coming out on August 4 2020. So that gives you time to immerse yourself in the previous books of the series before you embark on this new companion novel, which tells the story form Edward Cullen’s perspective. Read Stephenie Meyer’s lovely and heartening letter to all her fans on her website here.

And with time being so weird these days, I’m sure August will be here before we know it.





I instantly saw Twilight and madly clicked the link! I thought it was the Renesmee story that Meyer said she wanted to write about. Midnight Sun's been out for a while but I think in e-book format. I think it's just being released in paperback form this time :)

5th May, 20
inky State Library Victoria

I think that was just a sample chapter that was released. Complete book out in August on all formats.

5th May, 20

In reply to inky

Ahh ok that makes sense then since I've seen "chapter samplers" and stuff online :)

5th May, 20

Can't wait to read it !!!

6th May, 20

It'll be interesting to read it. I wasn't a massive Twilight fan but I think the amount of hate it gets is fairly unwarranted. I've always wanted to read it from Edward's perspective

6th May, 20

I only found out about this yesterday and I'm freaking out. I'm ordering it at my local bookstore today.
I am literally.

2nd Jun, 20