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‘Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.’ – Groucho Marx

New spoiler function!

Thirteen years ago I had Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince spoiled for me in a coffee shop. I can still see the moment so clearly. It was 2005. There was my friend. She lent in close to another’s ear, as a non-Harry Potter fan, eager to hear who had died in the sixth book. I had begged her not to tell me. But in her excitement, she forgot. She jumped back. She screamed–

I think every Inside a Dog user would agree one of the greatest mortal sins you can commit is spoiling a book for a fellow booklover. Which is why, you might have noticed, we have added a spoiler function on Inside a Dog. Now you can discuss the books you’ve read without worrying about giving away the ending or revealing twists for any other person.

Here’s how you do it. You have two options – you can write your spoilers and then add spoiler tags in square brackets around it. You can also highlight text and format it as a spoiler using the Paragraph drop down in the wysiwyg menu (just check out the Help page if that sounds confusing). Spoilers will then be blurry, unless the reader hovers their mouse over the text. These instructions are also under the ‘Add comment’ section.

Happy days, everyone!



Thanks so much for the function! I'll be sure to use it

11th Jul, 18

I'll be sure to use it ;P

11th Jul, 18

Got it. Thanks for the function!

11th Jul, 18

Awesome. Thanks :)

11th Jul, 18

That is one of the most helpful and considerate things!!!

12th Jul, 18

Thank you - this is very useful and I have been spoiled multiple times by friends and blogs, so I will be sure to use.

21st Aug, 18

Cute picture...

4th Dec, 18