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‘Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.’ – Groucho Marx

Inky's Friyay July 20

Can it really be that time again?

Looks like it is! Fri-yay! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!

The wonderful book reviews just keep coming, bigger and better and with the new optional spoiler function. Otaku took an interesting approach to reviewing the Inky longlisted books, combining a review of a Gold and a Silver contender. 


And speaking of the Inky longlist…If you didn’t have Peter Vu’s Paper Cranes Don’t Fly on your TBR pile then bookboy gives 5 reasons why you should in this excellent 5/5 review over on the Inky Awards blog.

paper crane animation

Sounds like it’s a tearjerker huh?

If you are partial to tearing up, check out serendipty’s list of books that made her cry, I’m afraid my list would be very long…

Writing lists has been popular this week. So popular in fact, that I am now going to list the lists!

Not only do we have five reasons to read Paper Cranes Don’t Fly, three books that made serendipity cry, we also have five positives for wielding a staff from greengirl and over at Stay Up Late and Get a Cat we have Michael Pryor listing three good places to write and two not so good places.

erupting volcano

(hint – volcano is not so good.)

There are still more Inky judges to get to know. Check out our shadow judge kitthepenguin aka Ki-Huyn and find out what books make them laugh… and cry….and laugh.

And finally…the inspiration for the Alice in Wonderland gifs – a quote from poppybookquotes that is just right for the weekend.

See you down the rabbit hole!