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‘Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.’ – Groucho Marx

Inky's Fri-yay September 27

Well what a week for young people! The Climate Strikes last Friday were huge. Greta Thunberg’s addressed world leaders at the United Nations Climate Action Summit with her powerful angry How Dare You speech which will go down in history. 13 year old Canadian teen Autumn Peltier from Manitoulin Island also addressed the UN and told leaders that it is time to “warrior up,”  and stop polluting the planet.

Earlier this month, a 12 year old Australian Arrernte/Garrwa boy Dujuan, delivered a speech to the UN Human Rights Council on Australia’s Youth Detention Laws telling them to stop jailing 10 year olds. “I come here to speak with you because the Australian government is not listening. Adults never listen to kids like me, but we have important things to say.”

Keep speaking up! You have a voice! Keep protesting!

Now I know for many of you it is school holidays and you have all collapsed in an end of term heap! I’m hoping some of you get time to post here on the Dog…and look, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’m hoping for at least ONE poem.

Our Inside a Dog community continues to be sharing and caring with recommendations, reviews and you all just helping each other. Let’s have a look around the posts from this week!

In reviews this week we have not one but THREE LoveOzYA new releases:

Inky Judge Fred’s review of a LoveOzYa new release Take The Shot  an amazing book about people doing what they love no matter what“.

Sylvs at NOVELty READS reviews It Sounded Better in My Head.

Suhani on Things I Love to Read reviews The Surprising Power of a Good Dumpling, ” a very heartfelt book with lots of twists and turns.” 

Tanzeem is excited to be a part of the Aus Ya Bloggers Blog Tour with Chloe Bayliss’ inspiring memoir En Pointe. and writes a ripper of a review “An incredible story, told by an incredible person. En Pointe is not a book that I will forget soon and I hope that everyone has a chance to read it.” Great to see  some nonfiction represented here!

We also have the cries for help! And great to see you all commenting and answering the calls!

We have RECIPE requests from dragonwings,

and Sylvs needs help for her borrowing addiction – although I think she is asking the wrong people because most of us here have the same problem!

Lit Club is still happening and remember that anyone can join in the discussion. The book, Catching Teller Crow  has been a rich text to examine in both content and form and I’ve really enjoyed everyone’s contributions. The latest discussion question is about the character of Crow in the novel. Crow is a  pivotal yest silent character. Bookwithbane has written a fanfiction piece in response to this question which brilliantly pulls together the themes of ancestors and healing journeys. Go read it!

Cover of Gap Year In Ghost Town

And finally, don’t forget to enter our spooky book give away that will get you all ghostly in time for Halloween. We are giving away a copy of Gap Year in Ghost Town and the new release sequel Graveyard Shift in Ghost Town. Enter as many times as you DARE!

To celebrate the release of this latest in the ghoulish Love OzYA series, author Michael Pryor is hosting a ghostly walk of Melbourne. Why not come along with author Michael Pryor and our Inky Judges on a spooky saunter through the streets?  It’s free! Book here!

Enjoy your holidays! Have fun cooking, reading, protesting  eating dumplings and just hanging out!