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‘Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.’ – Groucho Marx

Inky's Fri-yay September 20

Did you miss me? Did you even notice I was gone? You didn’t did you?

Anyway, I’m back with a Fri-Yay to knock your socks off! And really – all I have to do is to point to all of your amazing content!

We have an ebullient Word of the Day and book recommendation from ellipsis which has sent me straight to the Library to get myself a copy of that book! We have a new release anticipation post from imosshelf, some reviews of big international books from NOVELty Reads and even an ode to capsicum.

And best of all, a post from lozza that was A CRY FOR HELP, and you ALL ANSWERED THE CALL! I’m just so impressed with all the comments from you all, helping a fellow teen reader solve the most terrible dilemma…NEEDING A BOOK!!!

In news from US, our Inky Judges teamed together from across Australia to make a video response to the 2019 GOLD INKY SHORTLIST and the 2019 SILVER INKY SHORTLIST! Go and take a look! The authors have loved it, including Dhonielle Clayton who retweeted it to all of her fans! These videos were featured as part of the Inky Awards Ceremony and show just how wonderful and committed our Inky Judges are! Well done Inky Judges! You are all brilliant!

Our Lit Club is still happening with a new question up on the blog this week. The book is Catching Teller Crow and has sections narrated by the character Isobel Catching and by Beth Teller. So I want to know about Crow. Who is Crow? What would Crow’s voice be like? 

In other news we have a GIVEAWAY! Not one but two books! We are giving away a copy of Gap Year in Ghost Town and Graveyard Shift in Ghost Town! To celebrate the release of this latest in the ghoulish Love OzYA series, author Michael Pryor is having a ghostly walk through the streets of Melbourne! Care to join him and some Inky Judges on the spooky saunter through the streets? It’s free! Book here! IF YOU DARE!

For many, school holidays starts today! May you have many many hours of reading.

And good luck to all of you attending the #climatestrike today! See you there!




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school holidays start on saturday for me ;-;

23rd Sep, 19