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‘Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.’ – Groucho Marx


Another week has flown past and there’s been a flurry of activity here on the site. A whole heap of new friends have joined, and familiar faces are posting again. If you’re feeling a bit unsure about how to do anything, check out our Help page, which has a full run-down of how to set up a blog, write posts and navigate your feed.

It gives me all the warm-and-fuzzies to read the supportive, constructive feedback you are giving each other in the comments section of each post. Keep it up! Sharing your work with others can be scary but when your head is buried deep in the world of the story it can be really helpful to get an outside perspective. rhapsody has been blogging about the progression of their novel, and in their latest post they talk about having a critique partner who they can send drafts to for feedback. Sounds like a great idea!

We’re all about forging friendships and building communities here on Inside a Dog, it’s the perfect place to find ~your people~. There are blogs for every interest, identity and intersection, or if there’s not… you can start one! Sheri has started a blog for our LGBT peeps, which you can read and contribute to. Sylvs started a BTS fan site where you can fangirl/fanboy/fanperson to your heart’s content. Or if you’re looking for a group space to share unfinished writing, poppy has made The Unfinished Library.

It’s really exciting to see all kinds of writing and creative things being posted on the site. Sylvs is always posting incredible reviews of all the books she is devouring; Once has a whole blog dedicated to their fascinating back-to-front style poetry; and if it’s art you’re after, look no further than spacesoda’s ever-growing portfolio. It doesn’t matter if it’s prose, poetry, reviews or rants, we want to read it, so please, please post it all!

I’ve been absolutely loving all the writing I’ve been reading this week. I’ve been pondering Sylvs’ ~very strong feelings~ about instalove. Chapter two of insideadoge’s ‘One Breath‘ is here and I am living for that sarcastic, witty narrative voice! There’s also this fantastic short story from brand-new IAD member jackwjnr. So good to have you here, and thank you for sharing your work!

How is everyone going with getting back into the swing of things at school? Which books are you all studying in class? Do you have any YA faves that you wish teachers would add to the reading list? Post below so I can secretly steal them for my TBR pile!

Happy weekend, everyone!



Chapter three is going up soon!! Ahhh I can't believe the support I'm getting!

12th Oct, 18

Thank you Inky yet again <3 :D

14th Oct, 18