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‘Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.’ – Groucho Marx

Inky's Fri-yay May 4!

Let’s kick off my collection of cool stuff from the site with this Voltron art attack by Spacesoda!

Spacesoda also drew their own profile pic… talent galore. We might be words people, but sometimes a visuals are just what you need. I’d love to see more aesthetic posts like this Percy Jackson one by Nightsky, the Ravenclaw Common Room’s aesthetic and the Hufflepuff Common Room’s aesthetic both by TjravenclawHufflepuff has been creating gorgeous aesthetic/poems like Pick Up the Damn Sword and This Feels Like Home.

Was it the recent news post on poetry that got everyone adding to the poetry tag? Some beautiful new poems from Indiaaqua (it’s her first post, too!) Rhapsody, Hermione, Chloehannan. Plus I dig this historical fiction by Wurrook, Stirling and Steel and Osulle‘s reimagining of the start of the Harry Potter books from Hermione’s perspective.

Siena was asking for some book recommendations recently and Bookdragon has done a great job of answering the question how do you find books to read.

New reviews abound! Serendipity applies a feminist lense to Twilight (which Potterhead has just started reading and shared some thoughts on) Keiracelest covers Fairy Tales for Wilde Girls, Addie talks The Declaration, Ellesbells takes us through The Fates DividedEmdokusha dives into The Unexpected Eveything, Eriinfisher covers Red Queen, Sylvs‘ prolific Throne of Books grows ever taller with a review of Always Forever Maybe and Bookboy has reviewed Magnus Chase and the Ship of the Dead not once but twice, one SPOILER FILLED and one SPOILER FREE… so considerate!  If you want some pointers on how to write a book review Eriinfisher has kindly added her hints to our ever-growing resources on how to write reviews.

Bookboy also took the time to put together some tips on writing for you. I think my favourite point is:

Experiment with different types of writing. Don’t just stick with adventure or mystery or comedy. Try all of them, even non-fiction (I can’t believe I just wrote that). This will broaden you writing ability, you might even find you like a different genre better (this also applies to reading). As well as genres, try different perspectives. 1st, 2nd or 3rd person. Past or present writing. You’ll also find it handy to figure out what you like while you are young.

Who were the winners of our Patrick Ness and Jesse Andrews ticket giveaway? Bookwithbane scored a double pass by creating an ace alternative cover of The Knife of Never Letting Go. Otaku won the other double pass for their response to Me, Earl and the Dying Girl. Loved the creativity from both.

I also wanted to let you know some exciting news. Our developers have been hard at work trying to fix bugs in the website and have had a major win… the trending section is now working! This means you can see some of the most visited and commented on posts from all over the website. Excellent.

Thanks web team, we love what you’ve done with the place

Of course we’re always wanting to hear your feedback about the site so if you have more to say send it our way.




So exciting to have so many people posting now! Love seeing everyone's work. Thanks for the mention :)

4th May, 18

Thanks I’m glad I got a mention. I’m also happy that the trending section works

5th May, 18

Thanks for featuring my post!!!

5th May, 18

Thanks for the mention!!

6th May, 18

Oh golly gosh- thank you so much!! I didn't even realize my art was on here until now!! Thank you all so much!! <3

15th Jun, 18