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‘Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.’ – Groucho Marx

Inky's Fri-yay May 31

Hi! It’s Fri-yay!

You know how there’s a pinch and punch for the first of the month? Well there should be something for the last day of the month. A kick and flick? A trip and flip? I don’t know. But I do know that we are saying, “See ya later!’ to May today. Which means, of course, that WINTER IS COMING!

There are a few things happening here that I think you need to know. Are you listening? Good.

First of all – meeting the 2019 Inky Judges! We’ve met Juliette and Zitong. Now, SAY HI! To ALISA!

You can catch up with Alisa’s blog here where she shares her thoughts, playlists and just a little bit of K Pop. And from the video we can see she is incredibly talented! Soccer, music and you have to check out her artwork! GASP!

She’s also really not a morning person – so much like Usagi Tsukino (月野 うさぎ  or Serena in the English version)!

Please make her welcome! She’s doing all the hard reading for us to get that longlist to a shortlist so the least you could do is wave!

You’re all such a brilliant bunch so I know you will be interested in these OPPORTUNITIES currently available for teens interested in creative writing and the arts. But get your skates on! Time is running out!

Our Inky Shadow Judges are shining a light (see what I did there) on the Inky Awards Longlist over at the Inky Awards blog . Appropriately named  Shadow Judge lightanddark has reviewed Whisper for us a and imosshelf has been reading like a crazy reading demon. Check out the  review of Lifel1k3 – it’s a ‘wacky robot book but I liked it”. They have also reviewed I was Born for This and added a bonus playlist. But wait! There’s more! A review of I Am Out WIth Lanterns, A Thousand Perfect Notes,and a review of Amelia Westlake too! Imosshelf! Reading champion!

So, as usual, Inside a Dog is delivering the news, reviews, poetry and more poetry! Word of the Day has some Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy inspired ‘isms’ and I must admit I was tempted to use many a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy gif today.*

But while you’re here, perhaps you want to know how to care for Guinea Pigs?  Because sometimes we just need some furry cuteness in our lives. Thanks Taytayrules!

Don’t forget to have your pinch and punch ready for tomorrow, June 1! Here comes June! Here comes Winter! Here comes Pride Month!

*Gifs inspired by Inky Awards Judge Alisa’s love for all things Sailor Moon!



My favourite Fri-yay so far! Although I have one piece of constructive criticism - her name isn't actually Serena, It's Usagi Tsukino ^ - ^ Usagi means 'rabbit' in Japanese! Is that what they call her in English? Hm...

31st May, 19

Well, I'd assume that her name would be the same either way. Otherwise, it'd be weird having to change your name every time you transfer cultures.

1st Jun, 19
inky State Library Victoria

Thanks for the feedback, Alisaaa! Yeah, in some English versions she is called Serena. I've updated the post now :)

3rd Jun, 19

In reply to inky

You didn't have to ahaha! Thanks anyway :)

3rd Jun, 19
inky State Library Victoria

In reply to alisaaa

Always good to be accurate!

3rd Jun, 19