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‘Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.’ – Groucho Marx

Inky's Fri-Yay March 13

Oooh! It’s Friday the 13th! Is anyone is superstitious out there? My Granny was really crazy superstitious and it was a bit crazy so I’m the opposite. It’s just a number! Just a day! Right?

So we will have a two week wrap up of Inside a Dog happenings…should we call them *blinks*? Well you blogdogs have been busy blinking and we have many blinks worth pointing out – in fact ALL OF THEM are worth a look!
Zitong wrapped up the month of February reading and tied it up with a bow! This is THE place for book recs especially all things fantasy and historical. Thanks zitong! And speaking of wrapping things up, the wonderful Burning Through Books readathon which raised money for bush fire relief has come to an end.

But before it ended we had some more brilliantly bookish posts. It hasn’t been rainbows and sunshine over there. Guppy hilariously reviews some books that didn’t quite hit the mark here. Love the imitation of the Aussie dystopian lingo! But in good news the TBR book pile is smaller now, right? Guppy also reviews How to Disappear  and sekhmet reviews the intriguing Elizabeth is Missing (and I think I’ve got to read it!)

In other reviews, our favourite bookworm  and readrtholic who always has their finger on the pulse and their hands on the latest Advance Review Copies has read the new release LoveOzYA detective mystery, The Girl in the Gold Bikiniand  the contemporary Furious Thing so go and see what you think!

2019 Inky Judge alissaaa is back causing chaos and mayhem wherever they go and we’re so glad! We missed you! And the Don’t Judge a Book by it’s Cover Book Club has a 10/10 book review of If There is no Tomorrow.

And speaking of Katy Perry, I saw her at the Women’s World Cup Cricket Final and she was AMAZING!

And speaking of tomorrow – you know instead of stockpiling toilet paper we should all just get lots of books to read, right? I know what I will do if I’m quarantined! READ!

And last but certainly not least we FINALLY HAVE CHAPTER 2 of DON’T TURN AROUND the original story being published here from siany. It’s brilliant! Thrilling! WE WANT MORE!

And in keeping with that, I would like to announce that the winner of the Angie Thomas Writing Journal is SIANY!

Keep up the blinking!







Happy Friday 13th!

13th Mar, 20

Or Spooky Friday the 13th...

13th Mar, 20

Ooh! I'm not really superstitious either, but Friday the 13th is interesting. Thanks for choosing me to be the winner of the Angie Thomas Writing Journal. I can't wait to get it!

18th Mar, 20

the blinking is actually going really well. its a little difficult i must say, but i'm mastering my blink technique.

20th Mar, 20