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‘Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.’ – Groucho Marx

Inky's Fri-yay June 8!

Actual representation of me, Inky, right now.

Happy chilly season to y’all. Winter is the perfect time to cosy up to read and that’s just what I’ve been doing; reading all of your posts and loving them.

Indiaaqua has written the perfect guide for me: how to be a hooman. Guys, I think I can pull it off with these excellent instructions. I’m gonna cosplay as a hooman asap.

Lots of good visual fun happening at the moment. Poppy has been sharing great quotes like this one on their blog:

And the fanart *swoons*. Inky Awards longlisted title A Shadow’s Breath has been interpreted into this beautiful artwork by Kithepenguin. Read their post for a detailed description of the symbolism behind the image (they also published this great guide on the artform of using gifs).

It makes me all warm and fuzzy seeing you work together on projects, inspiring each other or helping each other out. Bookwithbane took a word used by Ladybird and wrote a whole word of the week post about it, including some famous examples. Continuing the visual theme, resident artist Spacesoda made this fanart of Indiaaqua‘s gemsona, Violet Tanzanite:

I mean, given this is the same artist who gave us the following cute infographic as an introduction to themselves we shouldn’t be surprised…

So many of you have been writing new poems, stories and blog posts. Here’s a sonnet from Booklover which I particularly enjoyed, Booksforlife with a story about mythology and love and Vivi won an honorable mention with this poem: congrats Vivi!

There’s been loads of book news shared, too: new books in the Skullduggery Pleasant series came to the attention of Potterhead, Kieracelest is loving the cover reveal for The School for Good and Evils latest installment and there has been excitement over on Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir about new MLB season 2 in English.


Finally, did you see our first Lit Club announcements? The book our lucky crew are tackling is Amelia Westlake by Erin Gough. I’m betting Charli, Sylvs, Ayana, Happiness, Potterhead, Booklover, Bibliotiff, Bookdragon, Jemeligrace, Otaku, Ladybird and Bookwithbane will have plenty of opinions to share.

Phew. Okay. Gotta stop. All this excitement has made me tired!



Even a dog is better at being hooman than me

8th Jun, 18

Awwww thanks Inky!!!! :)

8th Jun, 18

Yay! Thanks Inky!! There are so many posts I need to check out!!!

8th Jun, 18

Oh gosh, the art is sooo good!

9th Jun, 18

AH I KEEP MISSING THESE!! Thank you guys again, you're all too kind :D

30th Jun, 18