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‘Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.’ – Groucho Marx

Inky's Fri-yay June 14

Let’s all Fri-yay together. Are you a Fri-yayer? Are you Fri-yaying? Have you Fri-yayed before? I might even try a Fri-yayodel!  FRI-YAY-YODEL-LEH-HEE-HOO!

So. Now that I have your attention *ahem* let me tell you the important stuff.

Penguins can yodel. Who knew? No hang on – that’s not the important stuff. The important stuff is…this week we met FRED! 2019 Inky Judge Fred! Have you gone over and said hi yet? Go on! Say Hi! You can even yodel like a penguin if you want. HELLO-YAY-HEE-HOO!

The Shadow Inky Judges are keeping you all up to speed on the Inky Longlist over at the Inky Awards Blog. Check the reviews of The Art of Taxidermy  and The Astonishing Colour of After  from lightanddark. And I suggest that you keep your eye on the Inky Awards Blog over the next week or two..

Um… no…not literally! You can look away sometimes. And blink. I mean just keep an eye on the blog because a couple of Shadow Judges are being sent on a very important secret mission for Inside a Dog this weekend! And all will be revealed on the Inky Awards Blog. Oooh. Secret Inky agent business!

In other news, Alisa is going to be in the newspaper and  hopefully she says LOTS OF NICE THINGS about all of us here at Inside a Dog.

You know, after being in the newspaper and all she’s probably going to be WAY too famous to bother with the likes of us! But we will all remember when we knew her first, when she was just a little 2019 Inky Judge! Go Alisa! Can’t wait to read the interview and to get your autograph!

Word of the Day continues to inspire us all with Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy references, book recommendations, personality tests  and words we have never seen before (desuetude anyone?). So much more that Word of the Day. Should be called WORLD of the Day!

We also have some newbie blogs popping up so please go and say hi to gianttitan and snowqueen  and any other new blogs you see. Make everyone welcome!

Speaking of making everyone welcome…it is Refugee Week from June 16 – 22 so why not see if anything is happening in your area? Or read a book from this booklist? And don’t forget that June is also PRIDE MONTH and who better to recommend some books than our resident expert Sylvs from NOVELty Reads?

Alas there was no poetry this week! Maybe next week? Please?

Can’t wait to see what you all surprise me with next week. Have a fun weekend! Have you said Hi to Fred yet?










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Hahah, this is such a crackhead culture post, in a really good way. Also HI FRED! MY COUSIN'S NAME IS FRED! HE LIVES IN THAILAND! (Not relevant) aaand autographs for everyone, I promise > <

15th Jun, 19