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‘Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.’ – Groucho Marx

Inky's Fri-Yay June 1!

First things first. It’s the first of June – so a pinch and a punch for the first of the month! No backs!

Buffy punching

I think I have been, as sylvs put it, living under a rock. I did not realise that the BTS fan craze had become a pandemic. It’s even infecting the Inside a Dog website. High contagion areas are the BTS Fans United blog. Just ask to be a contributor and you too can be infected and spread the germ…I mean the love….for all things KPOP.

We all know Bowie told us we can be heroes – just for one day.

Bowie we can be heroes

Well Loquacious Ladybird has all the ingredients listed in recipe for a hero. And no – you don’t separate eggs, cream butter and sugar and preheat the oven to high.  You are born, tackle feats and go on a journey – and much,much more. This is a really insightful breakdown of this major element of storytelling. Give her a round of applause.

Once you have mastered your heroic path, Loquacious Ladybird gives a five step guide on how to be the protagonist in your own life. I think she should be my life coach.

One way to remind yourself you are the main character in your life would be to interview yourself ala nightsky. We should all interview ourselves and have our moment in the sun. Just don’t ask yourself too many tough questions.

For more heroes why not visit the Marvel Mothership? Vivi does a character profile on her favourite, Captain America. Check out to see how he follows Loquacious Ladybird’s recipe of the classic hero. Why not add to this by writing about your favourite hero?

So another big week. End of May. End of Autumn. Winter is here!

waving penguin





Hoping there'll be a post from Inky soon detailing the best LGBTQ+ books in honour of pride month!!

1st Jun, 18

Ooooo yes this would be really good!

1st Jun, 18

Thanks for the double shout out!!

1st Jun, 18

Thanks for the shout out Inky!!!

1st Jun, 18

Love the gifs, thanks for the shout out!

1st Jun, 18

Dammnit inky you got me there ;(. Ahhah Ladybird really should be a life coach

2nd Jun, 18

Thanks for the shoutout Inky! I hope that @Vivi and my blog will inspire you to listen to more kpop and BTS :)

3rd Jun, 18

OMG BUFFY YESSS (Why am I getting so excited of GIFs...)
Woo! Go Sylvs - spreading that KPOP-py goodness (〃 ̄ω ̄〃ゞ

4th Jun, 18