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‘Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.’ – Groucho Marx

Inky's Fri-yay July 5

Okay everyone we need to have a little chat. But first off I’m going to put my scary Effie Trinket head on..ready?

There. That’s better. We all need a little reminder around here of the Community Guidelines for Inside a Dog.  You know them? Of course you do. You read them VERY CAREFULLY when you started here right? Yes they are a bit dry and hardly a page turner but if you click on one link in this post, please, let it be this one. And just in case you don’t, I’ll give you a summary here. Yes. I’m very helpful. Please note:

So that this space is safe for everyone, we need to make sure that what is published is not potentially harmful for members. For this reason, we may remove or edit any comments, posts, tweets, images, graphics, video or other material that contains content including but not limited to:

  • Disrespectful or derogatory remarks about any other member;
  • Expletives or foul language;
  • Details or graphic descriptions or depictions of harm to yourself or to others;
  • Details, descriptions or depictions of drug use;
  • Sexually explicit material;
  • Content that promotes violence or contains threats against others;
  • Content that is racist, sexist, homophobic or in any way discriminates against others;
  • Personal contact details or identifying information;
  • Content that is likely to offend other members;
  • Content that contains advice we believe is damaging or unhelpful to others.

Follow some general guidelines for keeping safe online:

  • Never disclose your surname, date of birth, address or school details in posts, images, video, comments or to other members.
  • User names should not include your surname or date/year of birth.
  • Remember that once information is online it is almost impossible to take back. Think carefully about what you are comfortable sharing when you cannot control who may read it.
  • Be aware that while Inside a Dog users must be 18 years of age or under, content is still able to be viewed by the general public, including adults.
  • Inside a Dog moderators are able to see all content, even private blogs or draft posts.
  • Take the time to read our FAQ posts about keeping safe online.

Seen the bold text? Read it? Got it? Good. Do you need a happy gif now? Here you go…

Glad we have that out of the way!  I can take that scary Effie Trinket head off now and go back to being a cute little black dog. Which we all prefer!

So there are some wonderful reviewing, writing and creating going on around here and it warms the cockles of my dog heart to see you all connecting, commenting and interacting in an ever so bookish way.

First up – news from the Shadow side. Our Inky Shadow Judge Isabella interviewed LoveOzYa author Michael Pryor at the Williamstown Literary Festival and you can read the interview here! Lightanddark read and reviewed Silver Inky Longlisted book Scythe and says it’s their favourite so far and booklover reviewed A Thousand Perfect Notes and even included #unpopularopinions. Do you agree?

In other news, Between the Pages Book Club has announced their new book club book is….nah – go and see for yourself. I’ll give you a clue…

And there are even MORE AUTHOR INTERVIEWS! Tanzeem has interviewed not one, but TWO LoveOzYA authors! Debut author, Anna Morgan is the author of All That Impossible Space, described as ‘Amelia Westlake’ meets ‘My Favorite Murder’  and we are so excited for it! Read the interview here!

And if that doesn’t make you do a happy dance how about this? An interview with A.J. Betts no less! Gold Inky Longlisted author of The Hive and the recently released the sequel Rogue. And I know from all of your reviews that Hive has been a very popular and well loved book and I’m sure Rogue will be too. Whoo hoo! Here comes my happy dance!

But wait! There’s so much more! Don’t forget to get wordy with Word of the Day (and in fact, if I were to use a Word of the Day word I could say ‘garrulous‘), check out some wonderful reviews from Book Reviews and Library101, read Chapter 1 of Return to Hell by Alex Baily’s Blog and join in the Book Club discussion about Aurora Rising.  Best of all, coming your way is a new day-yay, not a Mon-yay, a Tues-yay, a Wednes-yay or a Thurs-yay. Not even a Satur-yay. It is simply a SUN-YAY!  And you are all invited to contribute! In a community-yay! (See what I did there?) And we’re giving it a big YAY-YAY to the power of ten.

So keep talking and commenting and reading and writing and interviewing and reviewing. Stay safe and see ya later – from Inky-yay!