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‘Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.’ – Groucho Marx

Inky's Fri-Yay July 11

Well hello! Where have you all been? On holidays or something? Taking a ‘break’ like Word of the Day? Because it’s all very well for you to be on holidays  – but I’m still here! And I have been posting!

You all still need to go and say hi to our Inky judge Kiara. You know she dresses her dog up in silly costumes in her spare time right? I mean I don’t know about you but I definitely want photos!

And I’ve been posting like a crazy dog with lots of stuff for you all. Like this one – want to be an award winning writer? Then why not check out these competitions closing this month. 

Or do you want some book recommendations? Well some of the 2019 Inky Longlisted books have sequels and there is also our series of guest mini reviews by Emily Meade. And on the Inky Awards blog our Shadow Judges are doing their shadowy brilliant Inky Longlist reviews. This week we have a review of Between the Blade and the Heart by booklover and not one, but TWO, reviews of I’m Out With Lanterns – by lightanddark and booklover.Have you read it yet? So many good reading recommendations! But wait! There’s more! New release LoveOzYA!
Chelcyg is back with a cracking good playlistand FINALLY (BE STILL MY BEATING HEART!) we have some poetry. Thanks purplepanda. You made my week!

But thee biggest highlight of my week, has to be, meeting the gang from the Libris Vermis bookclub who traveled a long way to come to State Library Victoria and meet me! Inky! We had a tour, some morning tea and a chat. It was so brilliant to meet some of the teens who actually use this website. I hope we made the impressive State Library of Victoria feel welcoming and inviting for you all. And a huge shout out to your awesome public librarian who organised the whole adventure!

And don’t forget- Alisaa’s Sun-yay! It is all sorts of brilliant and frankly she is doing my job better than me, so I’ll sign off now.

But get ready! One week from today is the announcement of the 2019 Inky Award Shortlist. I know right! Amazing! SO EXCITED! Friday July 19 at 10 am AND you can get voting for your 2019 Gold Inky Award and 2019 Silver Inky Award.