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‘Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.’ – Groucho Marx

Inky's Fri-yay January 3

Well I haven’t written a Fri-yay post since last decade! (Are you sick of ‘last decade” jokes yet?)

Welcome to the first Fri-yay of 2020 where I am happy to report that you, our Inside a Dog users…wait hang on, just pause there. We need a better name than “users”! Do you call yourselves IAD-ers? Inkyites? Doggers? Dloggers? Blogdogs? What do you think? Comment below to create a name for Inside a Dog Users. I might even send you a book.

Okay, where was I? Oh yes, I was talking about you all and how awesome you all are and what I am most impressed by in this week’s round up is that you are helping each other out. Sylvs needed help with The Between the Pages bookclub? Not a problem! You answered the call!

And speaking of book clubs, the Libris Vermis Bookclub have a few new posts including a report on their visit to the State Library of Victoria which was brilliant! It was so great to meet some book clubbers and to show them around here.

And of course we have our very own Lit Club happenings with this insightful post from silene about the themes in Everywhere, Everything, Everyone and just how hard it has been to right about. And have you noticed that Inky hasn’t written anything about the book yet? Not one discussion post?(I think Inky is sort of on holiday…)And yet you guys are keeping it chugging along without anyone else. Totally brilliant!

And library at Library 101 needs book suggestions and you answered the call – and yes, that one was easy peasy huh? I mean talk about coming to the right place for book recommendations! And while we are talking Library 101 I highly recommend heading over to library’s Writing 101 blog and following the wonderful creative writing happening there. A serialised story for the Summer is unfolding chapter by glorious chapter! Go read it!

Another teenstothefront moment this week is over at the Booklists blog where zitong has created a list of the top 10 YA books of 2019! 

Sylvs is also in listicle mode with the best books of the decade AND a wrap on ALL THE BOOKS IN THE 2019 INKY LONGLIST!Make sure you are following NOVELty Reads for all the juicy bookishness you could ever want.

Other reviews:

bookreader has reviewed historical fiction with The Fountain of Silence by Ruth Sepetys.


ellipsis is back with a review of There Are Things I Know by Karen B Golightly

And we couldn’t start the decade without poetry and thanks to iris at Poet’s Alive we can dive into some wonderful Emily Dickinson poems. Inspiring!

Are you a poet and living in Victoria? Check out the Ada Cambridge Writing competition!

So we really have kicked off the year, the decade, the twenties, with all of the best things. Discussions, reviews, recommendations, creative writing, book lists, book clubs and COMMUNITY front and centre. Thanks blog-dogs! You make me proud.



I vote for BlogDogs! It’s entertaining and at this stage I can think of anything better!

3rd Jan, 20

Probably Doggers or BlogDogs :D

3rd Jan, 20

How about insiders? I like blogdogs though, it sounds cute! I have heard plenty of last decade jokes mainly from my brother.

3rd Jan, 20

IADs, Cult of Inky and Insiders are all good choices.

4th Jan, 20

Blogdogs or insiders all the way! Or else perhaps blinkys?

4th Jan, 20

Blinkys is cute!

4th Jan, 20

BLINKYSS!!! I love that!

5th Jan, 20