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‘Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.’ – Groucho Marx

Inky's Fri-Yay August 9

Guess where I am today? No. Not here. Not inside the website. I’m out and about at The Bendigo Writers Festival Text Marks The Spot where Inky Judge Fred and Shadow Judge Imogen are appearing in a panel today. I know. I am beyond excited. I will report back next week and tell you all about it.

You still have time to apply to be a Lit Club Discussion Leader so hop to it! We need your bookish minds! You will get a free copy of the book Catching Teller Crow and we all know a free book is always an incentive right? I mean…did I mention free books?

This week we have some exclusive interviews with the Gold Inky Shortlisted Authors! Over on the Inky Awards blog you can read an interview with Lynette Noni and find out what Whipser inspired super power she would chose, Erin Gough on the true story that inspired Amelia Westlake, Lili Wilkinson on why she likes to kill off characters, C.G. Drews on why she wrote about classical music and  A.J. Betts on the real drip that started the whole story.

We welcome some new blogs on the block this week so go and comment and say hi over at  read. pray. love and laura’s reading and writing adventures.So great to have new bookish peeps to talk with!

And finally the question is…HAVE YOU VOTED YET?

Sorry – got to Bendigo…I’m Bendigoing…I’m Bendigone! (See what I did there?) See you next week!



Oh gosh Inky I fear I may have contaminated you with the pun plague XD

9th Aug, 19

I wonder how the people at Bendigo reacted to a giant, black, two-dimensional dog walking around...

9th Aug, 19
inky State Library Victoria

Ha! Who are you calling two-dimensional?

12th Aug, 19

In reply to inky

Can you even blink?

13th Aug, 19

In reply to bookwithbane

Shh Inky's a bit sensitive about that (probably)

14th Aug, 19