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‘Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.’ – Groucho Marx

Inky's Fri-yay August 7

Well it’s been a while since I have Fri-yayed or Yay-fried or Fra-yied which is pretty fried I know. I mean how will we know what day it is if there is no Fri-yay?

But seriously blogdogs and blinkies, I need to ask you about the Fri-yay. The whole point of the Fri-yay was to round up the goodies on the site and shout out to you all and help you all find each other. But you all find each other anyway, right? And you all know I read everything you post (I hope you know that!) and like the posts and comment when my brain works enough to string words coherently together. So this is what I am thinking. I’m thinking a weekly news item about new releases and what’s on is a better use of my blog posting time?
What do you all think?

Good! I knew you would agree!! Well – actually comment below to let me know what you would like. Would someone else like to do a Fri-yay?

So there has been some great stuff as usual happening here. I LOVE the dystopian story unfolding over at my writing by anastasia. The plot is complex and compelling and the world building has smart detail and cool words and I can’t wait to find out what will happen. So head over there and give anastasia some feedback and encouragement. I know the story is brightening up my lockdown.

We have another creative writer over at Creating Adventures by queenzai! While you are there check out the Harry Potter posts of which there have been seven in just the last week! I get the feeling queenzai likes Harry Potter! Go and make queenzai welcome and comment.

Now we all know zitongbooks can read like a machine but the best thing is that they read and share what they think! Last month zitongbooks read a gazillion books and has written about it in a July reading wrap so go and see if there are any there you have read or want to read? I know I always find titles in zitongbooks’ monthly wraps to add to my TBR! Thanks!

If it is a virtual book club you want (and if you’re in Victoria it’s the only sort of book club you will get!) why not join Between the Pages Book Club ? This month the book is Darius the Great is Not Okay by Adib Khorra. So get yourself a copy if you can and join in.

For more reading recommendations then your favourite bookworm imosshelf will keep you in the picture with all the latest releases read and reviewed at Confessions of a Readerholic! Lately there has been a lot of #loveozya novels making their way to the top of imosshelf’s TBR pile!

The other place to go for discerning reviews and wide reading is NOVELty Reads.sylvs will never let you down with their honest and insightful recommendations.

And last but not least we have suhani at believe in books (yet another reader who effortlessly reads across all genres) and sekhmet at Books I am Reading!

If only reading was

an Olympic sport. We’d win all the GOLD!!!

Aladin Disney movie with gold coins

Oh and I almost forgot! How could I! Our chaotic friend and former Inky judge alisaa popped back in to mess with your mind at the aptly named the most chaotic blog! Catch up with the mayhem that is alisaa’s life. It’s worth your while. Nice to have you back. Here’s a Sailor Moon gif just for you to show you how happy we are to hear from you.


So yeah – comment below about what you think about retiring the Fri-yay and having more news okay?




Still love the Fri-yays!
My school book club is actually doing video calls (and yes I am in Victoria) so we have made our way around the corona blockade! yayy
Also feeling a bit sad because I have not shared something about every great book I am reading with you guys, I will work on that :)

7th Aug, 20


7th Aug, 20

I love Friyay! I do think including news about the literary world would also be super useful though! If people are still really interested in the weekly roundup, I’d be happy to start a new blog doing it?

7th Aug, 20

would like to add, i bring chaos not only to my blog, but site-wide. mwahaha. love evil laughs.

7th Aug, 20

I still like the Fri-yay but the weekly news item and new releases sounds great!

7th Aug, 20

I think both sound good ;) I love my good old Fri-Yay! It makes my Fridays better :)

7th Aug, 20

Yeah I think I agree... The Fri-yay is just too iconic! :)

9th Aug, 20

fri-yays are my favourite, but i think a what's on section could be a nice addition as well!

10th Aug, 20