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‘Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.’ – Groucho Marx

Inky's Fri-yay August 14

Let us all Friyay our way through the day because I guess, if we don’t celebrate the end of each school week, then perhaps it will feel like life is one endless school week… and that would be…well…not that great.

Thanks for all your feed back last week! Good to know there is a point to Friyay and I will take on board the need for more news. Again – feel free in your own blogging to share new release news, events or any sort of round ups you like.

One piece of news I’d like to share is that we have some new Inkies – that’s right! A pack of Inkies! Or and Inky Pack? Or better still – an Inky Pad? (Get it? Ink pad?) So if you sense a different tone in comments or some new voices in the blogging soon that will be why. Hope they get your (inky) stamp of approval. And with a few more Inkies it means is that we can hopefully catch up on the data base too!

What are your plans this weekend? This weekend I will be attending (virtually) a few sessions at the Melbourne Writers Festival AND the Edinburgh International Book Festival. Don’t forget that the Melbourne Writers Festival Schools Program is LIVE and FREE!! I have already watched Rawah Arja talk about how unexpected it was that she would become a writer and her life growing in a big Lebanese family and how 9 11 changed her life because of the way Muslims were viewed. And how do we break down those stereotypes? It’s incredibly insightful. You can also watch Zana Fraillon, Will Kostakis, Lisa Fuller and Helena Fox. What great bookish viewing for the weekend! For free!

Author Zana Fraillonpicture of Will Kostakis

So that’s some WATCHING sorted. Now for some READING! And for reading you don’t have to go anywhere but right here on the dog. There are some wonderful ongoing adventures being written in episodes over at Creating Adventures and My Writing and Storytellers.

And if watching author talks and reading all that wonderful creative outpouring is inspiring you to write too – then we even have WRITING TIPS to keep you going. And to tell you a sneaky secret I have already used one of the tips myself -making a music playlist for your characters. It actually is pretty inspiring!

And if that isn’t enough for your weekend we queenzai’s empire has shared 8 things to keep you entertained and engaged through lockdown… and through anytime really! I’m keen on the flips and the obstacle course combining as one awesome activity.

Oh and just in case you didn’t know….the new Twilight book is out!It sold out in Perth in a single day! Anyone read it yet???

Well that’s it for me this week blinkies and blogdogs! Keep up the good work! Over and out!



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*makes plans to go to Perth to meet some more Twi-hards* ;)

15th Aug, 20