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‘Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.’ – Groucho Marx

Inky's Fri-yay (and GIVEAWAY)November 8

OKAY! Let’s start with an announcement! THE WINNER of last week’s GIVEAWAY for Heartstream by Tom Pollock is…..

kasha! And let me just say that kasha is lucky I’m handing this book over! It’s been on my desk and I had a little look and then next thing you know I was well and truly absorbed. I’ll be getting this one from the library! CONGRATULATIONS kasha!

So much to read and so little time – you are all probably feeling the squeeze on your reading time at the moment with exams and end of year events. I know I am feeling the squeeze. Life! Ugh! Gets in the way of reading all the time!

Fortunately, if you need a quick reading distraction, there is a lot to read from you all here on the dog. I was very excited to see that Chapter 2 of Incarnate is up! I devoured it! And more of  lauraamabel’s poetry to stop you in your tracks and make you think. Make you feel. These talented folks! It takes creative courage to publish work and I want you all to know that your work is read, reflected on and appreciated! Thanks for sharing.

Over at Lit Club there is plenty to read – you can even read about reading! We’ve got booklover’s first impressions and bookwithbane gives us a hilarious and insightful live reading of Chapter 1 of The Girl Who Fell which is definitely worth a look! And while you’re having a look about…

welcome back Aahana with a review of Lets Talk about Love that looks at the importance of representation and connecting with characters. We’ve got a bit of Arc of Scythe action on the site –  lauraamabel’s Why Everyone Should Read Scythe and Thunder head review and sylvs at NOVELty Reads has a *ahem* different review of Thunderhead so we can get some different perspectives. Best of all we get a discussion! Because that’s why we’re here! To talk and discuss books – not to all like the same books! Sylvs also gives us some  book cover eye candy to gaze at over the weekend. And if you want to feel lazy have a look at Zitong’s October reading wrap up. And then have a look at my October New Releases and see if you want to read any of them RIGHT NOW!!

I’m excited that Philip Pullman’s wondrous His Dark Materials has been adapted to a big BBC-HBO television series.The books are complex and gritty and magical and this adaptation looks like it really has captured the heart of the books. I can’t wait to watch it with my family.


Simply comment below to be in the running to win Supernova by Marissa Meyer.









6d ago

This book looks so good!

5d ago

Hahaha, just posted my final review of the Arc of Scythe trilogy. sylvs has won me over, well and truly. It's great to be able to read so much creative writing on this platform. And Supernova looks great. Blurring the lines between the hero and villain always makes for a compelling story.

5d ago

I’ve heard good things about Supernova!

4d ago