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‘Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.’ – Groucho Marx

Inky Judge Zitong's Poem

To celebrate the 2019 Inky Awards Shortlist and Voting we are letting the Inky Judges take over the site! Here is Fred waxing lyrical about being a 2019 Inky Judge.

The Inky Awards in the style of Fantasy – A poem.

Eight young-adults there once were, all armed,

With words, notes and their favourite books,

For the coming conflict that would lead to a certain doom,

Where the fate of the almighty Inky Shortlist would be decided.


Alisa, the ever graceful dancer.

Catalina, a powerful witch in disguise.

Fred, a magical goldfish he was.

Kiara, in her legendary canoe.

Juliette, with the speaking guitar.

Zitong, the all knowing historian.

Krisha, a basketball player of renown.

And Marlees, the great maker of beds.


Those eight would change the entire future,

Of the golden sun-baked land of Australia.

And so it was, the famed and legendary eight,

Came together in a magical place,

to discuss the fate of twenty books.


In the brutal and bloody battle that commenced,

It was a great shock that no one died,

Yet no one came out unscathed, as the great eight,

All had their own thoughts, and many harsh battles took place,

They were long winding debates, arguments and also…

Many stuffed animals made it to the fight.


In the end, some were tired,

Some were forgetful,

Some were annoyed,

Some were indifferent,

But at least, the job was done.

– A first hand account by the chronicler and one of the eight, Zitong.

Note: The recount may be at times over exaggerated and not everything can be taken for granted.



inky State Library Victoria

I was there. It was just like Zitong says. EPIC!

19th Jul, 19

Zitong, your poem is fabulous!

19th Jul, 19

Thank you :)

19th Jul, 19

Ayyyy I'm a dancer never heard that one before :DDDD thanks Zitong!

19th Jul, 19


19th Jul, 19

Nice poem Zitong!

20th Jul, 19


21st Jul, 19

The Inky Awards sounds brutal XD A really amazing poem Zitong!

21st Jul, 19
inky State Library Victoria

No Inky Judges were harmed in the making of this shortlist.

21st Jul, 19

In reply to inky

We certainly hope so XP

21st Jul, 19

Haha I'm late but this was brilliant!!!

3rd Aug, 19