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‘Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.’ – Groucho Marx

Inky Judge Krisha's Poem

‘Twas the Night of the Battle

( inspired by the battle and “Twas the night before Christmas.)

Twas the night before the battle,
My room scattered with weapons.

Not a creature stirring,  not a scythe not a bee.
Preparing for the battle ahead.

My laptop plugged in to charge, in hope it would survive.

Twas the night of the battle,
then what to my wondering eyes should appear,

Some fairy lights,  emotional spoons and goldfish.

And with that, I knew the battle had commenced.

Twas the hour of the battle,
I sat with twenty books, weapons and bad internet connection.

We battled with our sharpened weapons,
All with separate opinions and different thoughts.

Many of us 8 were scathed,
Many of us 8 were injured,
But we all survived.

At last we came to a decision and the long list was turned into the shortlist.

And with some piano playing,  the battle was over.

And… Twas the night after the battle.

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Everyone’s so good at poetry :)

24th Jul, 19

ikr i feel so untalented compared to all you poets hahaha

24th Jul, 19

Everyone's super talented!! XD

25th Jul, 19

Thank you! Your poem was amazing too :)

24th Jul, 19

That poem was cool! I like how you included all the book titles into your poem.

25th Jul, 19

Thank you! :)

25th Jul, 19

Krisha that was such a good idea to base your poem off 'twas the night before Christmas!! Also your poem's really good :)

3rd Aug, 19

Thank you so much!!

3rd Aug, 19