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‘Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.’ – Groucho Marx

Inky Fri-Yay October 5!

Oh my paws, what a huge week it’s been!

First up, on Tuesday we announced the winners of the Inky Awards! Thank you to everyone who voted. This year the Gold Inky went to Peter Vu for his debut novel Paper Cranes Don’t Fly. Congratulations Peter!

Angie Thomas took home the Silver Inky for her novel The Hate U Give. She wasn’t able to be with us at the ceremony but our wonderful Inky judge Sylvia read this statement from her:

Greetings from the States. I am sorry that I can’t be with you today, but I am absolutely honored and humbled to have won the Silver Inky Award. It still amazes me how much of an impact this book has had on people across the globe, and I am so grateful to my Australian readers for their support. I thank you for myself, but I also thank you for the kids who will feel a sense of validation, knowing that a story about someone like them is worthy of an award. Not only do children need to see themselves in books, but they need to see people unlike themselves in books. I firmly believe that books are one of the greatest ways to create empathy. Once again, thank you all for this award.

Kind, inspiring words from Angie, as always. Congratulations!

In case you missed it, we are now LIVE! That’s right. this site is now completely public, so all your family and friends can come and check out all the amazing writing you’ve been doing. Plus, if they’re under 18 they can also join the site and start a blog of their very own. SO. MANY. NEW. FRIENDS!

Hello new friends! Welcome to our community, we’re so excited that you’re here with us. This is a post that happens every, single Friday where you can find highlights from the week that was, including bookish news and links to some of the incredible writing that our users are posting every day. If you need help setting up your profile or a new blog, check out our help page for some tips and tricks. Never be afraid to ask for help!

There has been an EXPLOSION of new content on the site. I am so overwhelmed and overjoyed at all the words I get to read! Rhapsody was at our Inky Awards Ceremony on Tuesday and has written up a great recap of the event. So happy to have you there, Rhapsody!

Once has created some scintillating descriptive writing that is seriously sending shivers down my spine. And if poetry’s your thing, check out once’s ‘Entre duex coeurs qui s’aiment, nul besoin de parole‘, which experiments with form in a really interesting way, and Jayay‘s piece ‘Boredom’, which I’m sure many of you can relate to. Insideadoge has already got us hooked with this story about Parker and Jordo, please let there be more!

If you need recommendations for your to-be-read pile, look no further than Sylv’s Throne of Shook blog, where the reviews are plentiful! This week, Sylvs has reviewed Dumplin’, and Angel Cake.

Phew! So much to read, so many new friends to meet! I am so excited to finally have this community online and open to all teens. I can’t wait to read all your writing and art and book reviews, so keep ’em coming!

Happy weekend everyone!



!!! This is certainly a FRIYAY! !!! <3

5th Oct, 18

Haha wow, I can't believe my little poem got mentioned. Also yay! to The Hate U Give and Paper Cranes Don't Fly and their authors, they're both such great books!

5th Oct, 18

This is awesome! So many amazing things to read!! :)

8th Oct, 18

Ahh! I can't believe I got mentioned, thank you! x

9th Oct, 18