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‘Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.’ – Groucho Marx

Guest post: Auto Buy Authors

Guest Post Sarah Robinson Hatch

Are there books that you buy without having to know anything about them, perhaps without even having to read the blurb? Do you have authors that you absolutely adore, and will read anything from, even their grocery list? Some of us in the bookish community will know this as an auto-buy, with the authors being auto-buy authors. So what makes an author become an auto-buy author? Here are my own auto-buy authors, and how they got onto my auto-buy list!

Photo of author V. E. SchwabPhoto of Angie Thomas

Cassandra Clare

The first author who made it onto my auto-buy list was Cassandra Clare, the talented author who writes all about the Shadowhunter world. For me, one of the easiest ways to get onto my auto-buy list is to write a series that I absolutely love. I mean, if you enjoyed the first two books in the series, what’s to say you won’t enjoy the third? As soon as I realised that The Mortal Instruments was a series I loved, that automatically meant I’d buy the rest of the series, and every other book she would write thereafter. So now, and forever more, Cassandra Clare is one of my auto-buy authors.


V. E. Schwab

Most recently, an author who’s been placed on my auto-buy list because of how much I adored her series was V.E. Schwab. I have read This Savage Song, Vicious, A Darker Shade of Magic, all of which were easily five-star reads, meaning it would be absurd for me not to buy everything else she writes in the future. As soon as she announces new books, they’ll be on my wish list. Anything she writes, I’m so there for.


Morgan Matson and Adam Silvera

But what about authors who don’t write series? That does make it a little harder to make it onto my auto-buy list, only because I’ll have to love at least two of their standalone novels before deciding that I’ll probably enjoy everything else they’ll write. For example, an author I’ll buy anything from now is Morgan Matson — a writer who has a way with contemporary and can make me feel all the feels. Check out her great novels  Second Chance Summer, Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour and The Unexpected Everything.

If I really enjoy a couple of books an author has written — even if they were only four-star reads each — there’s a good chance they’ll end up on my auto-buy list. Another more recent addition of someone who found his way onto my list because I completely loved two of his standalone novels is Adam Silvera with More Happy Than Not and History is All You Left Me.


Angie Thomas

And then there are the authors who are the exception to my rules. Who I only need to read one book from, but they’ll be on my auto-buy list forevermore. These authors are rare and hard to come by for me, simply because my expectations are already so high for the authors that will be on my auto-buy list. However, there are writers who I just adore from the get-go and who I know will write books I have to have in my life in future. These are the type of authors that are just simply phenomenal, and each word they write feels like a blessing to the world. Angie Thomas is one of the brilliantly talented authors who have made it to my auto-buy list just from her debut novel, The Hate U Give. If you’ve read that sensational book, I think you’ll understand why Angie is an essential addition to my auto-buy author list.



So ultimately, it takes a really talented author to make it onto my auto-buy list, and once authors are there, it’s difficult to kick them off. Only if I hated their most recent release would I strip them of their rankings; for example, if I gave the book one or two stars. If I didn’t love the book as much as the others they’d written, I’d have to do a little research into their latest novel before buying it. That research often comprises of checking the star rating on Goodreads and asking my online bookish friends if they’ve read the book I’m thinking of reading. There’s often a fine line between authors that I’ll almost definitely buy from, and authors that I won’t even have to question before grabbing a copy of their most recent release. My auto-buy authors are people — and books — that have a special place in my heart, and I desperately hope they won’t let me down.


But I want to know which authors are on your auto-buy list! Do you have strict rules about which authors make it onto you list? Who was your first auto-buy author? Have you read any books recently that made you put the author on your auto-buy list? I’d love to know!


Sarah Robinson-Hatch is a student who, when not dwelling in fantasy worlds or outer space, resides in Melbourne.

Sarah has won a number of writing awards and hopes to one day have a novel published. Her favourite things to write about are teenagers saving the human race during world-ending cataclysms and death scenes, both of which probably freak her out more than any potential readers. When she’s not writing, she can be found trying to wrangle fifteen novels onto a bookstore counter, thinking of how she can best make readers cry, or fangirling to the point of hyperventilating over fan-art, movie trailers and authors favouriting her Tweets.



I'll read anything written by Patrick Ness, Amie Kaufman, or Maggie Stiefvater

21st Apr, 19

My auto-buy list is pretty small since I'm a miser. 1. Jaclyn Moriarty; 2. Sebastien de Castell; 3. Cassandra Golds.

22nd Apr, 19

Becky Albertalli hands down as well as Alice Oseman, Cassandra Clare, Sarah J Maas and Amie Kaufman. I guess now I'm starting to auto-buy Mackenzi Lee but she doesn't have that many books out yet

24th Apr, 19