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‘Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.’ – Groucho Marx

Ghost Town Ghost Walk

Are you brave enough to come with us on a ghostly walk around the dark streets of Melbourne? The day after All Souls Day when the veil between worlds is still thin enough to drift through?

Oh you think you are? Then read on!

To celebrate the release of Graveyard Shift in Ghost Town,  LoveOzYA author Michael Pryor is organising a guided walk around Melbourne telling dark and spooky tales. Do you think you could handle the spookiness? Two of our very own Inky Judges will be there – one will live tweet the event and another will write a report here on Inside a Dog – if they don’t die of fright first! You think you can face the night of graves, ghosts, ghouls and giggles? Then come along…this way….

When? 2 November at 8.00pm

Where? Departure point: Corner of Treasury Place and Lansdowne Street, Melbourne.

The walk is FREE and you can BOOK HERE!

Cover of Gap Year In Ghost Town

To get excited about the event and to give yourself a fright we are having a GIVEAWAY for not one, but two books in the series! Gap Year in Ghost Town and Graveyard Shift in Ghost Town.

ENTER AT YOUR OWN PERIL! Tell us in fifty words or less what scares you most and why! (My entry would say simply, VAMPIRES! BECAUSE THEY BITE YOU! )

Competition closes 4 October. Enter as many times as you dare! (THIS IS NOW CLOSED!)




Can’t wait!

19th Sep, 19

Entering! And I might come as well. Uh, problem with the T&Cs. It says this:

Entries must be submitted by 11.59pm AEST Sunday 9 June 2019 via Inside a Dog. Late entries will not be accepted. Entrants should ensure that correct personal and
contact details are entered, including full name, age (if less than 16 years), email
address, and daytime phone number. If incorrect contact details are provided, the
Competition Organisers are not responsible for obtaining correct contact details for
that entrant
10. The winners will be drawn at random by State Library Victoria Staff.
11. Winners will be contacted by 5pm AEST Tuesday 11 June.

I'm guessing it's meant to say 4th of October?

20th Sep, 19

Also, we can only write up to 50 characters, instead of 50 words.

20th Sep, 19
inky State Library Victoria

In reply to bookwithbane

Thanks bookwithbane! Will fix it!

21st Sep, 19