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‘Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.’ – Groucho Marx


Everyone sigh a sigh of relief, the school year is well and truly over!

Which means more time for reading! What is on everyone’s summer TBR list? Did you all have a chance to check out the YA Showcase and the extensive list of 2019 YA releases? What titles are you excited to see hit the shelves next year? If you want a sneak peak at some of Allen & Unwin’s new titles (including chapters from Imposters, Lenny’s Book of Everything and You Only Live Once) let us know, we have heaps of copies of their #YAFANFEST chapter book to give away!

We’re going to be hitting the ground running in 2019, with a new round of Lit Club running throughout January. We’ll be reading Nevo Zisin‘s book Finding Nevo and posting discussions on the Lit Club blog all month long, so make sure you pick up a copy of the book, follow the blog, and ask to be made a contributor if you think you’d like to take part! We can’t wait to chat about this incredibly important piece of OzYA literature with all of you!

I absolutely love reading all your posts on the site, and can’t wait to read more in the new year. Don’t forget, along with creating your own personal blog, you can also create blogs for specific interests (like Sylvs’ KPop blog, or Tanzeem’s Harry Potter blog) and invite fellow users to contribute. This is a great way of meeting new people and starting conversations about the books in interests that you love! Otaku is running a blog called Readalongs and Buddy Reads and has recently done a call-out for new contributors — check it out and let them know if you want to join!

Plenty of activity across the site this week. bangtantodd is looking for advice about the latest Peter Ness book — has anyone got a review they can share? It was shortlisted for the Silver Inky so it can’t be too bad!

whovian has shared a gorgeous picture of their friend Mia’s oc. And guess what? They take art requests! So if you want your own drawing, get in touch!

And finally, if you’re looking for a bit of inspo heading into 2019, check out Poppy’s Just a Quote blog, they share uplifting and heartening quotes all the time and it always gives me the little confidence boost I need.

Happy weekend everyone! Enjoy your holidays!