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‘Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.’ – Groucho Marx

Five LoveOzYA books to devour these holidays!

Guest post by Jananee Sundarakumar

Despite Australian YA fiction being so spectacularly diverse and fantastic, it is often overpowered by popular American releases and other worldwide phenomena. Whilst I love reading YA from all over the world, Aussie YA has a special place in my heart and so today I’m going to be sharing 5 #LoveOzYA books that you should all pick up this weekend. Below is a mix of genres, authors and stories that are sure to keep you hooked, whatever you might be looking for!


  1. The Secret Science of Magic by Melissa Keil

 Cover to the secret science of magic

For those of you struggling with the transition between high school and university and for those of you who generally feel lost – The Secret Science of Magic is for you. This novel follows Sophia, a Sri Lankan-Australian super genius who is incredibly unsure of her future, and Joshua, a friendly magician with a soft spot for Sophia. Filled with magic tricks, high school antics and enviable friendships, The Secret Science of Magic is a book to fly through and one that I’m sure you’ll definitely enjoy.


  1. Ida by Alison Evans

Rare enough as it is to see a #LoveOzYA science fiction novel, it’s even more rare to see one that is as fantastically diverse as Ida. This book follows our main character, Ida, who has the power to reverse any decision and event that she experiences by simply going back in time, or so she thinks. Ida was such an interesting novel with even more interesting characters, including a half-Vietnamese main character that identifies as bisexual and a genderqueer love interest. It is such a fast-paced, short novel that will keep you thoroughly entertained and asking for more!


  1. When Michael Met Mina by Randa Abdel-Fattah

Randa Abdel-Fattah is a fantastic storyteller and this is as evident as ever in her most recent release – a socially relevant, heart-wrenching and important tale about racism, love and standing up for what is right. When Michael Met Mina follows the two alternating perspectives of Mina, an Afghani refugee who fled to Australia by boat, and Michael, the son at the heart of a family who just started a political party opposed to refugees. The novel follows events that transpire after the two main characters are thrown into each other’s lives and it is such a fantastic tale that I highly recommend.


  1. Akarnae by Lynette Noni

Cover of Akarnae
For all you fantasy lovers out there, don’t worry – I’ve got your back. Akarnae is the first book in a rich, unique and magical series that follows Alex, a seemingly normal teen who finds herself in a completely different world, Medora, when she accidentally steps through a doorway. As she waits to return to the world she knows, she attends Akarnae Academy – an extraordinary boarding school where she meets new friends and discovers more about the world she has walked into. With three books out already, and a fourth book on the way, this series is perfect for those who are looking for a bit of adventure to get lost in.


  1. Becoming Kirrali Lewis by Jane Harrison

Cover of Becoming Kirrali Lewis
With a slightly older protagonist than the other books on this list, Becoming Kirrali Lewis follows Kirrali, an Aboriginal girl adopted into a White family as she moves to the city to start university. She gets more then she bargains for and is instead taken on a life-changing journey of self-discovery and identity. Becoming Kirrali Lewis switches between the 1985 perspective of Kirrali and the 1960 perspective of her birth mother and it is a powerful read that will not only entertain you but educate you as well.


Jananee Sundarakumar is a book blogger with a passion for YA. You can read her work at  https://headinherbooks.wordpress.com/, follow her on Twitter, and subscribe to her YouTube channel.