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Great Aussie Rules: Aussie Rules Football

Author:  Robert Hillman

Aussie Rules Football is a spectacular game of high marking and long kicking. It is the biggest crowd-puller of any sport in the world - annual ticket sales are equivalent in number to one quater of the total Australian population.

Clearing the Pack

Author:  Michael Panckridge

Football and netball are the next two sports in the Legends Series, and Travis and Mia are flying high. Travis steps up his intimidation tactics, knowing he's got to win this one to stay in the race. But has he gone too far this time? 

Can Mitchell and Travis set aside their differences to battle the tough Wetherhood team and achieve the impossible? 

Meanwhile, Bryce investigates the mystery in the library. Suddenly there's a whole lot more to play for... 

Down the Line

Author:  Michael Panckridge

Mitchell Grady has done it again. He is the Legend of Cricket. Surely Travis Fisk, the school thug who'll do whatever it takes to win, won't let him win three events in a row. What will he this time? For the first time, Mitch and Luci are pitted directly against their friends. It's one thing to play your enemies and win, but how does it feel to beat your friends? 

It's not all fair play when the stakes are high. 

Footy Dreaming

Author:  Michael Hyde

Ben and Noah play on opposing teams in a footy-obsessed town. They each dream of playing on the G - and this is their make or break season.

Tensions rise as sledging goes too far.

Will Noah lose his cool, and his chance, in the face of prejudice?

Will Ben reject racism and forge his own path?

Goal! 2: Living the Dream

Author:  Robert Rigby

Santiago has made his mark in the UK Premier league as a magic midfielder with Newcastle United. But European football now beckons and he finds himself playing alongside stars such as Beckham, Raul and Zidane for Real Madrid. But playing in the UEFA Champions League can bring new pressures - new challenges: fighting to keep his place in the squad, trying to resist the temptations surrounding a successful footballer, aiming to maintain his relationship with his girlfriend back home. Sometimes dreams can turn sour... 

Leaper Lane

Author:  Paul Sironen

Eleven-year-old Jack Lane is a little kid with a lot on his mind - a new city, a new school, and a new football code.Life isn't easy when he moves from Melbourne to Sydney and has to give up Aussie Rules. But things soon get heaps better. Jack gets hooked on rugby league and joins his local club, the Wanderers. After a shaky start the team learns Jack can leap as high as any of them. And he has the best kicking boot in junior league. So it's goodbye 'Midget' and hello 'Leaper'.

Horse Mad Summer

Author:  Kathy Helidoniotis

"Join horse-crazy Ashleigh and her new horse, Honey, for their latest adventure."

Ashleigh Miller has just moved to the town of Shady Creek with her family. The best thing about leaving the city has been getting her new horse, Honey, and making a new best friend, Becky. But Ashleigh really misses the friends she left behind in the city, especially her other best friend, Jenna.

Netball Diary #4

Rachel is playing for Melbourne Phoenix, a team in the National Netball League, and doing so well that she is considered for Commonwealth Games selection. She is devastated when she misses out, but then two of the Australian players are injured at the final training session, she suddenly finds herself on the way to the Games in Ottawa. Her lifelong ambition to play for her country has at last been fulfilled!

A Friend in Need (Charlotte and the Starlet #2)

Author:  Dave Warner

Charlotte has made it into the prestigous Jounior Olympic Equestrian Squad (JOES), and movie star horse Leila is having so much fun with Charlotte that she's given up Hollywood, for now.

The Evil Three, Emma, Lucinda and Rebecca, are back to make Charlotte's life difficult. Luckily, Charlotte finds a friend in Hannah, a new JOES recruit. But this means she has less time to spend with Leila - and Liela is a horse how doesn't like to be ignored.

Fev: In My Own Words

Author:  Brendan Fevola

Brandan Fevola is a great book for all football lovers. Fev was an ex AFL player for Carlton and Brisbane. This Book tells you about how he started his football career for Narree Warren Tigers (Juniors), then how he ended up number 413 for thr AFL Draft Pick in 1999. in 2011 Fev got into big trouble for Gambling and getting on drugs and alchol and got sacked playing AFL now he currently is playing for Yarrawonga Football Club.