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White night

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Author:  Ellie Marney
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Apr 19,2018

I loved this young adult contemporary novel.  Set in a Australian country town where nothing out of the ordinary happens. Bo Mitchell has always lived in the town and knows everyone.  Things change when new girl Rory enrols at school.  Rory comes from a secretive community, known as Garden of Eden, who have little contact with the outside world.  From Rory's first day at school, Bo becomes protective of her, knowing how hard it will be to fit into the close-knit friendship groups at the school.

Their friendship blossoms and when Bo has a falling out with his dad, he begins to spend time at Garden of Eden.  Bo is not being drawn into the philosophy of the cult, but likes the people there and wonders at all the chores Rory has to do before she even starts on her schoolwork.

Events starts to spiral out of control and Bo becomes worried about Rory's welfare at the same time worrried about what is going on with his parents.

A fabulous read.


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