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Where the heart is

Author:  Bllie Letts

Where the heart is a very interesting novel Billie Letts. Its about a pregnant 17 year old, Novalee, who leaves her hometown Telive Plains, Tennese with her boyfriend Willy Jack to Sequoyah, Oklahoma. Novalee drops  into walmart and finds herself introuble. Theres a friend who helps her though the rough times.This novel deals with the "Coming of age". This story is about the spirtual, mortal and mental growth of Novalee, who transtions from a teenager to a young woman. Only seventeen yuears old, she is dependent on her boyfriend, whos gotton into some trouble himself. This novel played on my heart strings, novalee alone all by herself , struggling for surrival, homeless with her newborn baby. Her boyfriend had never been seen again, hes the only one she really needs right now. I would really recomend this  novel,f you are intrested in emotional novels.

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