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A Waltz for Matilda

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Author:  Jackie French

Based on the well known poem by Banjo Paterson and actual events from history, this is the story of a brave and independent young girl, Matilda, who is the daughter of the swagman in the poem. 

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Feb 22,2017

Jackie French at her best! I LOVE the matilda saga, I love how its sort of a history book as well as a novel! My favourite character would be Tommy, as he is so kind and caring!

Mar 08,2015
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It was an amazing book. I just read it for the second time, but it was still so enthralling! Matilda is so inspiring, running a sheep  farm like that. She's also very strong to cope with her Aunt Ann's death, the her mother, then her father's death.

Dec 22,2013

This is a great book about a girl who finds herself alone in the 18something-or-others with only a mysterious dad to go to. She has nowhere to stay except the outback and arrives clueless and gets tied up in the sheerers strike. If you want to read a historically type book that doesn't send you to sleep then this is the book for you.

May 08,2013
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A Waltz For Matilda is a great book and by one of my favourite authors, Jackie French. The book is quite like the poem (waltzing Matilda) but as the swagmans "little girl". the book was so well planned, to me, it all came together in the end, how Mr Drinkwater ended up to be her Grandfather, and Auntie Love, her Grandmother. when she became thirty six, Tommy had come back with his daughter, as a rich inventor, to live with his darling Matilda O'Halloran, the lonely farm girl, with no Mum, Dad, Aunt Ann, Grandmother or Grandfather but with a Tommy Thompson.

This is a drama / mystery book, which is why decided to read it once I got it (and partly because my name was on the cover). I would definitely give it a 5 because of how great it has written. I am now reading The Girl From Snowy River a Matilda saga, also written by Jackie French. I am only on the 12th page and Boy! Is it 

Jan 13,2013

One of my favorite books of all time!! I have read it many times over which just doesn't normally happen with me! :)

Oct 21,2011

Based in the late 1800's...The story of a young girl fleeing the city slums to find her father and his farm - the journey of independance to become a woman and  the shearers union becoming accostomed to womens rights.

Some people only live with their dreams, but Matilda will turn hers into reality....


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