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The Very Bad Book

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Author:  Andy Griffiths

In a very bad wood,
There was a very bad house.
And in that very bad house,
There was a very bad room.
And in that very bad room,
There was a very bad cupboard.
And in that very bad cupboard,
There was a very bad shelf.
And on that very bad shelf,
There was a very bad box.
And in that very bad box,
There was a VERY BAD BOOK...

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Jul 25,2013

The very bad book
Different and funny

7fb Brandon 

Nov 22,2012

This is a great book full of 'Very Bad' rhymes, riddles, limericks and jokes in true Andy Griffiths style!

Nov 15,2012

this book is very bad and it is going to get bader and bader when you read this book and i rate this book 500% very bad,you should read this boook

Jul 11,2012

Every one should know Andy Griffths as he is the funniest children's book author. He has sold four million copies of his books worldwide.This is dead set the funniest book(the very bad book) Andy Griffths has ever written. It is full of crazy jokes to animals swearing. It's very weird but still hilarious. All the 52 chapeters are very different. They are all very good in their own weird and wacky ways. There are crazy, odd and strange chapters like: The Very Bad Dog, The Very Bad Teacher and Killer Koalas From Outer Space. It is better than all the other books he has written. It is even better than the newest book that he has written. This book is very entertaining and i think every one should read it.

Nov 07,2011

As usual Andy Griffiths is as funny as always! This book was fantastic and I love the pictures!


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