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Two Weeks With The Queen

Author:  Morris Gleitzman

When the doctors announce that his brother's cancer is incurable, Colin decides to go and see the Queen about it... What follows - his hilarious attempts to bypass Buckingham Palace protocol, the exceptional people he meets, and the tragedy that allows him to face his own grief - is a story of extraordinary power and poignancy. Two Weeks with the Queen is a heartbreaking, side-splitting novel for young and old alike.

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Aug 18,2015

Like all Morris Gelitzman books, Two Weeks With the Queen is funny, fast-paced, and heartbreaking.

What do you do when your eight-year-old brother has just been diagnosed with cancer? Find the best doctor in the world, of course!

Colin has been shipped of to England to stay with relatives while his parents deal with his younger brother's illness. But Colin can't bear to just do nothing - as an aspiring doctor, he just knows that he would be able to help. So he does the best he can, and takes a trip to London's best cancer hospital in the world. 

For a small kid, in a big, bad world, trying to get medical professionals to listen to you is a sturggle. But Colin makes some unlikely friends in the UK, who are able to help him out.

You will be laughing, and crying within pages of each other. An Australian classic.

May 30,2014
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The book two weeks with the queen wasa great book and was based around colins brother luke for most of the book because he had cancer and the colin got told that he couldnt cure the cancer and colin just waanted to see his brother and get a doctor off the queen but he couldnt be cured and was going to die.

May 30,2014
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Two Weeks With The Queen

Two weeks with the Queen by Morris Gleitzman is a story of a boy named Colin and his brother Luke. Luke is sadly diagnosed with a cancer that cannot be cured. His parents finding this out Colin is sent to London to live with his Aunt, Uncle and cousin. While Colin is in England he goes about finding the best doctor in the world to cure his brother's sickness.

Two weeks with the Queen, for me, was boring and I found it uninteresting. It wasn't my kind of humor but if you want to read it go ahead.

May 30,2014

Two Weeks With The Queen


Two Weeks With The Queen Is About A Little Boy Named Colin That Gets In To Lots Of Trouble Trying To Find A Cure For His Brothers Cancer And Ends Up In London With His Aunt Iris, Uncle Bob And His Shy Cousin Alistair.


Book By: Morris Gleitzman

Jul 31,2013
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Two Weeks with the Queen

Morris Gleitzman

Collin is finding it hard to believe that all he got for Christmas is a pair of black lace up shoes while his younger brother Luke is piled with presents.  But everything changes when Luke gets a cancer that cannot be cured.  Luke is flown to the Sydney hospital to get help and Collin has to be sent to England to stay with his Aunt Iris and Uncle Bob.  At first Collin refuses to go because he wants to stay home but when he realises in England they have better doctors and hospitals Collin is flown to England.

In England Collin makes new friends, writes to the Queen and helps people who are going through the same thing as he is.

I would recommend this book for ages 9 – 13.   



Jul 22,2013
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Two weeks With The Queen is about a family which has two kids. Luke has cancer so their mum and dad decided to send Colin that has not got cancer to their Aunty and Uncle so that they can help Luke. So Colin is trying to have an appointment with the queen to try to get the best doctor in the world to help his brother get rid of cancer. So when his Aunty and Uncle goes to work he sneaks out and try’s to see the queen and quickly goes back to the house before they come back home from work. So the next day he goes again but they realise so when he comes back home they talk to about sneaking out the house and now when they go to work they lock the doors.  


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