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Tomorrow When the War Began

Author:  John Marsden

Somewhere out there Ellie and her friends are hiding. They're shocked, they're frightened, they're alone. Their world has changed with the speed of a slamming door. They've got no weapons except courage. They've got no help except themselves. They've got nothing except friendship. How strong can you be when the world is full of people trying to kill you?

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Jul 14,2017

These books were good, I think I read them all in a week... plenty of action and adventure, some bits a little too extreme though, I dint find myself in the world of the book as much, I felt like an onlooker in a movie not a part of the adventure if that makes sense. But all in all I'd read them again, but I wouldn't fork out the money to buy them

Jun 20,2017

"Tomorrow when the war began" book review

Ellie and her best friend Corrie crave something to do in the holidays, then decide to go on a camping trip. They invite five other friends, Homer, Fiona, Lee, Kevin and Robyn, to go with them.
During their time there, without knowing, their town and most of the country was invaded by unknown people. They come home to a ‘ghost town’ and slowly realise what has happened to their small town, Wirrawee. Instead of hiding in horror these seven teenagers give everything to fight for their families, town and their country.

“Tomorrow When the War Began” is by John Marsden. His journey as an author started with a teaching degree which he loved from the start. This made him more and more interested in writing and he went on to publish his first book,"So Much to Tell You". Since then he has sold more than 2 1/2 million books in Australia alone and 5 million books worldwide. He has also written or edited over 40 books.

“Tomorrow When the War Began” is a novel filled with action, drama, war, romance and so much more. The main characters are easy to relate to as they go through various emotions typical to all readers such as grief, loss, sadness and love.
In my opinion it is a must read for teenagers around my age as it is very interesting and hard to put down.
There are 6 books to the series and I have read 3 of them, the first one is amazing but throughout the series it gets a little repetitive, overall a great read and I would highly recommend it!

May 31,2017


Tomorrow when the war began

Tomorrow when the war began is Australian action novel, which is set in Wirrawee, Australia (not a real place), then as the book goes on, they head into the mountains to a place the characters call hell. The author describes Wirrawee as a small town where most of the background characters in the story live, but most of the main characters live outside the town on farms. Hell is described as a kind of surreal place in the way that it's so peaceful and so deserted. In the story there are a bunch of kids (Ellie, Homer, Corrie, Kevin, Fi, Lee, Robyn & Chris) who go into the mountains for a week instead of going to the Wirrawee show , and when they get back everyone's missing and their animals are dead. They later find out that their families have been taken and put in the Showgrounds. John Marsden makes a variety of different characters from Homer, who is a careless troublemaker, to Robyn & Fi who are used to playing by the rules. I guess I can kind of relate to Ellie a bit because when we're doing something as a team, I don't mind taking the leadership role and speak up. I didn't really like Kevin because he was kind of just afraid of everything they have to do, so it doesn't really make him the most interesting of characters. There were a lot of things I liked about the writing, but the main two were that it kept you on edge for the most part, and that it wasn't like a monotone script, it would be how people in that area speak if they were real. Sometimes when I read a book, I don't really find it that interesting but I just read it to finish it, but with this book it was both easy and enjoyable to read. This book I reckon would appeal most to people who are around my age (13) because it was really good to read.
By Joel Stevens NHS

Jun 24,2016

Book: Tomorrow When The War Began

Author: John Marsden

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

Publication Date: 1993

Tomorrow When The War Began is based in a small town by the name of Wirrawee. The main character Ellie, decides to go camping with some of her teenage friends, deep into the forest of Wirrawee. Over the days that they are on the road, the town gets taken over by some unknown attackers. When they return, their family homes have been abandoned and the streets left deserted. Will Ellie and her friends be re united with their families?

Personally, I enjoyed this book very much as the genre interested me. The book covers plenty of themes such as: war, family, friendship and love. I think that the way this book is written is very descriptive and realistic so you feel like you are a part of the story.

My most favourite parts in this novel was the action parts as the way that the characters defend themselves was very unique, smart and realistic for a group of teenagers stuck in the wrong place at the wrong time. I also enjoyed this book because it ends with an intense cliff-hanger that sucks you into reading the rest of the series. I did not enjoy the parts leading up to the takeover because in my opinion the storyline was boring and uninteresting for a teen my age.

I would definitely recommend this book to others because the way that it is written and planned interested me, but then again some parts didn’t. Even though it lacked some adventure at the beginning, the rest of the series is packed with it! I think that this book is suitable for people the age of 13-45 and not any younger because the language that is used may be hard to understand for children under the age of 10. This book is actually quite large, and not to add, that there are several other books in the series.

Overall, this book is a must read and it is totally worth it when the time comes. I think that this book will be liked by many and disliked by just as more but the adventure and friendship is so strong in this book that many will choose to love it.


Jun 14,2016

Tomorrow, when the war began is a both interesting and well written book. The author, John Marsden, has written this book with suspense and therefore made it very hard to put it down.

You are introduced to one of the main characters, Ellie, a teenage farm girl that lives with her parents on their farm, on the outskirts of Wirrawee. She and her friends decide to go camping in hell (a place named hell, not hell itself) only to find that something has been happening in town during the five nights they were away... The author has written this book in first person from Ellies' point of view. As the story progresses the way she is feeling and what she is thinking, is skillfully woven in the storyline.

I recommend this book to readers at age 12 to 40, as it does use large words that young readers would find challenging, along with the fact that the storyline itself is not for younger readers.

My rating for this captivating book would be five stars as it is easily one of the best I have personally have read.

May 08,2015

The book Tomorrow When the War Began is actually a fansinating recount of a teenager's point of view of when a war began without them knowing it. It is somewhat realistic, as the characters are not invincible, but it is also an accurate assumption as to the choices that enraged  and frustrated kids would make. The movie is also pretty accurate to book, considering that the Percy Jackson movies are way off the mark. It is a good book for fans of books about war as well as any fans of alternate history as, despite the fact that nothing like this has happened in Australia, it is an accurate account of what might happen, if an invasion were to occur.


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