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A Street cat named Bob

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Author:  James Bowen

Do you like cats? Well this is a book for you named Street Cat Named Bob by James Bowen, this book is set in London around a deprived area were there’s  a lot of drugs oh and cats. James is an addict and a single man who is trying to stay clean of the drugs. He’s on the methadone program and has help from his doctor who ends up getting him a small apartment.

James is in his new apartment when he hears a noise from the kitchen when he goes to look he sees a big orange fluffy cat, he noticed that he didn’t have a collar and hadn’t eaten in a while so the next day he decides to take him to the vet only to realise that he doesn’t have a home, so James decides to keep this cat as a friend and  names him Bob.

Throughout this book Bob helps James on his journey of addiction to drugs and also helps James with a hobby he has always enjoyed ( Busking on the streets ).

Whenever he goes out to play guitar bob is always sitting on his shoulder which soon causes a crowd and he starts to get recognised by his music, will James get somewhere with his music? And will Bob stay with him?

Personally I like this book and really enjoyed it. I would recommend this book from ages 12 and up I would rate this book 10/10.

By Jacinta

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