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The Star of Kazan

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Author:  Eva Ibbotson
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Apr 06,2017

Its kinda funny, I read this book and was slightly bored by it, and then I wrote a a book all about Zedekiah and Rocco, and their life!!!! The Star Of Kazan was my insperation even though I didnt like it....

Mar 30,2017

A wonderful story which reads like a fairytale.   Annika was abandoned at birth.  She is raised in a loving home and is loved by all in her small village.  She befriends an elderly lady and they spend many hours together reading and talking.  When the lady dies, she bequeaths her old trunk full of bits of pieces from her life, to Annika.

At the same time a woman of gentry arrives in the village claiming she is Annika's long-lost mother.  Unbeknown to Annika this mysterious woman knows the true worth of the items in the trunk and will do anything to get her hands on it.


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