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Soilder's Heart

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Author:  Gary Paulsen

This book is about Charley Goddard when he enters the war to Fort Snelling. He wants to go to the war because he wants to be a man. He also wants to send money to his mother for their own good. At Fort Snelling, he realises that the conditions were very bad, his uniform doesn't fit, bad rifles and they live on beans. Now, he starts to get afraid and he regrets going to the war. He is scared of dying for his family. He always writed to his mum and his brother, Orren talking about his conditions and feelings.

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Aug 25,2011

It's interesting book talking about the conditions during the war. I liked how Gary Paulsen puts an imaginary character in the story! And what's interesting is the conflict between the United States of America and the Confederate States of America! Really touching.


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