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Ruby Redfort: Look Into My Eyes

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Author:  Lauren Child

Here′s the low-down on Ruby Redfort: she′s a genius code-cracker, a daring detective, and a gadget-laden special agent who just happens to be a thirteen-year-old girl. She and her slick side-kick butler, Hitch, foil crimes and get into loads of scrapes with evil villains, but they′re always ice-cool in a crisis.

In LOOK INTO MY EYES, we go right back to Ruby′s beginnings as an agent. When an anonymous caller sets Ruby a challenge, it′s not long before she finds her way into the HQ of the most secret of secret agencies - SPECTRUM. They need her help to crack a code but her desk job soon spirals into an all-out action adventure, as Ruby uncovers the dastardly plans of the formidable Fool′s Gold Gang...

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Sep 08,2015

It was really good - Funny, exciting, and the rich description inspired me to write books myself. Sometimes I read books and I would want to change something in it - Like the ending, or a character. But I wouldn't want to change anything about this book. And I'm glad it was a thick book, because I never wanted to finish.

Aug 16,2014

Mum got this book for me from the library and at first I said it wasn't for me. She read the first chapter aloud and couldn't put it down. We were late for the bus in order to finish this book. I really want to have a copy of this AMAZING book. I love how the author puts twists and turns in unexpected places. But I would never crack the codes Ruby Redfort does! This is a thrilling book and my favourite out of the series. If you get the chance read it!

Aug 14,2014

OMG I love this book! Ruby is uncanny and funny. She is also full of comebacks. Good ones, too. My favourite character is defenitely Clancy, he is hilarious, and almost as awesome as Ruby, but in different ways... Funny thing is, I have a friend named Ruby, and she is basically the same as Ruby Redfort! I love this book! 10 out 5 stars. 

Apr 01,2014
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Ruby Redfort is a book about an average 13 year old. But she is anything but average. At the age of 7 she won a code cracking competion and when she was 10 she created a code that the judges couldn't even crack, they had to send Ruby's code off to a uni and they cracked it 2 weeks later.

She is then discovered by Spectrum, a secret spy agency. She is sent on her first mission to save the Jade Bhudda af Khotan, an artifact consided to keep you young. 

This is an amazing book, aimed at tweens/teens. I recomend it for 11-14 year olds.

Apr 01,2014
This review is a spoiler. View anyway?

Ruby Redfort is a fantastic book!! the genure is crime. Ruby Redfort is about an ordinary girl who goes to school. one day after school Ruby gets back home and finds out that there house has been robbed! and lots of her nick nacks are gone.

Then Mrs Digby the Redforts housemaid leaves to see her family. Then they get a butler called Hitch. And turns out that he is an agent for spectrem. so then Hitch tries to get Rubys attention. So then Ruby Gets all these messages. And goes into a tunnel and finds out that she is a member of spectrem.

Then they have to find the Jade Budda of Khotan,Because in the wrong hands some things dangerous could Happen.

Then her best friend Clancy finds out that she is a spy so then they have to get the Jade Budda of Khotan so then Spectrem wins!

I recommened this book to 10, 11 and 12 year olds.

it is the best book you will ever read so i suggested if you ae running out of books to read. read Ruby Redfort!!     

Mar 18,2014

Ruby Redfort is a normal thiteen year-old, who is usually top in class and is crazy good at cracking codes and puzzles. Just when whe thinks her life couldn't get any more interesting,  a so called butler named Hitch steps into the family. Ruby then discovers Spectrum, a secret agency in her town. Ruby goes on many adventures, trying to solve mysteries or just getting lost in the street.

I really enjoyed Ruby Redfort, she is smart, brave and full of curiousity. Her personality is very bold and I loved all the really inventive gadgets. Like the whistle that throws your voice, or the watch that tells someone else who has the same watch, your location. I really loved all of the evil villian names, they were really creative. Such as, Baby Face Marshall or 'The Count." There are so many things I love about this book and it would take up the whole page to write them all out.

I think Look into My Eyes would be a suitable book for all ages. Some of the codes and maths problems in this book are quite complicated. Me being 12 years-old, I believe even adults would have quite a hard time figuring out some of the problems and codes.

This book could be either for boys or girls. Even though the story is about a girl, I think many boys would like this book because of its mysterious and adventurous plot. Also because there are many boys in this book too, such as; Hitch, Ruby's best friend Clancy and lots more.


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