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Ruby Redfort: Catch your Death

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Author:  Lauren Child

Meet Ruby Redfort: Every smart kid's smart kid

Undercover agent, code-cracker and thirteen-year-old genius - there's nothing average about her. Only this time it's an adventure in the wild, and it'll take all Ruby's got just to survive...

Feeling a bit lost? OK, here's the deal...

Ruby Redfort: she's brave, she's determined and she knows the rules of survival.

Light a fire? Takes practice and more than a little patience.

Find water? You just gotta know how to look.

Foraging for fungi? Make sure you've done your homework... Pick the wrong mushroom and you could wind up pushing up the toadstools.

Surviving out in the wild? You can have your plans B, C and D but they ain't no good to you if nature decides otherwise. Yep, Ruby needs to forget the rules and follow her nose if she's going to make it home alive...


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Mar 01,2016

its amazing

Aug 31,2015

It was fabulous - Full of rich, exciting chapters, and most of all it was very well written. It wasn't over the top like some crime novels, I LOVED it. Thank you Lauren Child for being so versatile - From Charlie and Lola to crime novels!!

The thing I would change from the books, however, is her lifestyle - It should be a bit more realistic for a 13 year old girl. . .
I think it would be better if she had a normal life in a normal house. But it was a brilliant third book in a brilliant series.

May 23,2015

So as always Ruby Redfort books RULE. This one does leave a couple of loose ends which totally make the next book even better. You should read this book. I know I'm not completely convincing but I just can't put the goodness of this book into words. You should read them in order but that doesn't change how awesome this book is!

enjoy, chookwriter. It's amazing.

May 10,2015

I love this book and it is a great third book to a wonderful series.The reason this book is such a good book is because Lauren Child has a way of captivating her audience and keeping them enthralled, standerd not dropping. I love all the spy sort of things and Ruby(the main character)s dont care attitude.

 The thing I would change about this book is put some more realistic content in there Rubys life is preety perfect she has got a best friend and rich parents life is easy for her and she is this sort of wonder girl who can solve all these problems that grown ups from big universitys cant solve.

 Overall I think this book is a great book to read if your looking for a distraction from reality, but is defintly a book I would have my eyes open for.I definetly recomend this book but only if you have read the first two first;). cant wait for the next one.



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