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The road to winter

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Author:  Mark Smith
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Aug 28,2017

The story of 16 year old Finn.  The small Australian coastal town he lives in has been decimated  by a fatal virus.  His mother and father are both dead.  Finn has survived for three years on his wits and the clever planning of his father.  He only has his dog Rowdy and an elderly neighbour Ray for company.  Finn is aware of the dangers of a renegade group known as the Wilders who are desperate people.  Finn's life changes forever when he rescues Rose who has escaped from the Wilders and they want her back at any cost.

Rose and her younger sister Kas both made their escape from the Wilders but they were separated.  When Rose becomes ill with a badly infected hand, Finn takes it upon himself to search out Kas and bring her to relative safety.


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