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Jan 21,2018

This book, Paper Towns, is a book that I have recomended to many people recently as John Green's adventurous style of writing is so incredible. 

Paper Towns is about a young boy (Quentin) and his neighbour who had been drifting apart after being friends years ago. But one day Margo ( Quentin's neighbour) goes missing. The clues she has left for him, takes Quentin and his friends on a long adventure across America's East coast. The unbelivable journey takes Quentin along "The Margo Line" where with every clue he gets closer to the end of the line where Margo is waiting...

I highly recomend reading this book!

Nov 27,2017

This story is set in London at the start of the First World War.  Alfie is five years old when his father enlists in the army.

Life without his dad is very different.  His mother has to go to work to earn enough money to survive.  His best friend Kalena and her father are sent away to an internment camp.  As Alfie grows older, he wants to help his mum, so he starts up a business cleaning shoes at the railway station.  As the war rolls on, each year that passes becomes more difficult, especially when the letters from Alfie's dad stop being delivered.

Through a coincidence, Alfie discovers his father is still alive and he sets out find him and bring him home.

Nov 16,2017

Loved this young adult novel. Set in inner Melbourne. Winter and her best friends - Melody and George are all really likeable characters.

Winter is an amazing dressmaker and she loves nothing more than creating new fashions for herself and her friends.  She tends to put herself down because of her weight but Melody and George keep her on the level.

When Winter meets Oliver and then is offered part-time work with a local dress designer, the only thing Winter feels she needs to do, to make her life absolutely perfect, is lose weight, just a little bit.  What harm can come of that?

Nov 03,2017
This review is a spoiler. View anyway?

Aysel and Roman have a suicide pact.  Tragedy in their lives have shaped who they are and they see no other way out other than to commit suicide.  But as their friendship grows, they start to enjoy each others company and confide in each other.

Is this enough to change their lives around?

Oct 30,2017

The story of the consequences of family violence. Iliad is 17 years old and very angry.  To protect her, her mother has kept her in boarding schools.  For her final year of school, Iliad has come home to Darwin. She falls for Jared, an aspiring actor.  Everyone, except Iliad, can see Jared is very controlling.

Meanwhile Iliad and next door neighbour, Max have a hate relationship.  They call a truce when Max needs help for his sick mother and Iliad needs to learn how to shoot a short film to help Jared.

When Iliad's violent father discovers where the family is living a terrifying chain of events is set in place.

Oct 23,2017

A story of family.  Elena Richardson and her family have always lived their well ordered lives in Shaker Heights  Four teenage children, a well-respected husband, all is as it should be.  Along comes artist Mia Warren and her daughter Pearl.  Mia and Pearl travel from place to place, Mia earning a living where she can to support Pearl and her art. Mia also has a well-kept secret.

The Richardson and Warren families became emeshed in many ways, however friendships are fractured when old family friends of the Richardsons attempt to adopt a Chinese-American baby girl.  A custody battle ensues - and puts Mia and Elena on opposing sides.  Suspicious of Mia and her motives, Elena is determined to uncover the secrets in Mia's past.  But at what cost?  A great read.

Oct 23,2017

I won't go into detail, but I will say that this book is amazing and definitely worth a read. Robert Clary remembers in such detail and is so bluntly honest about all of his experiences throughout his life.

Oct 09,2017

Set in an American high school.  A student mysteriously dies while in detention.  Four other students are also in detention on that particular day,  they become the main suspects.

When cryptic messages are posted on social media, the four suspects are seen to have more than one reason to be relieved Simon is dead.

Relationships are fractured, huge secrets revealed and unlikely friendships formed.

A great read.

Sep 18,2017

a pretty cool book, great if you like the other derek landy books. this book is a continuation of the demon road trilogy, at this point in the story, amber (the protagonist) is the represention of the shining one (big demon guy, very shiny) and has to go around collecting peoples offerings. she is more powerful than ever but is still no closer to killing betty and bill. this is a great finale to the series, definitly a must read if you like horror and intrigue.  

Sep 18,2017

This book is based on the life of Iqbal Masih. Iqbal was a child slave in Pakistan.  In his short life, he was a slave to carpet makers, chained to the looms, working long days to pay off a never-ending family debt.

He escaped only to be brought back to the carpet maker who bribed the police.

Iqbal made a promise to the other child slaves, things would change.

Sep 15,2017

The Harry Potter series is my absolute favourite book series. Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone is a fantastic start for the series.

Harry Potter is a young boy who lives with his horrible aunt and uncle, his parents died in a "car crash" when he was a baby. When Harry turns twelve he discovers that he is actually a wizard. Harry is invited to Hogwarts school of Witch craft and Wizardry were he has many adventures with his new friends.

The Harry potter books are magical as they take you into another world full of secrets aroound every corner, it is imaginative and fun. I would defininatly recommend it for anyone who wants to try it out. It is particularly great to start a series as it gives you many more books to continue reading. The series continues to get better and better as you read it so I would really recommend it.

Sep 13,2017

This book is a great interesting book about a boy who hates multicultural week and wants to do something instead so he makes a cricket team called nips xi. Great book, want to find out more read it.

Sep 11,2017

A fantastic thriller.  A real-page turner.

Sep 07,2017

I absolutely loved this book. It was a book I had to carry around in case I had any spare moment to read it! I was glued the whole way through the story and the ending can't be predicted. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a great read!

Sep 06,2017

The Sliver Donkey

By Sonya Hartnett

I really liked this book. The book was about a solider who went to war and left his family. He then became blind form the sights of war. He got a letter form his mum that said his little brother John was very ill. The solider has a special charm that reminds him of his brother. A special part of the book was all the stories that the solider told- these were the Nativiity story, the story of Simpson and the donkey, and another story about how a donkey brough rain.

 Overall I liked this book a ot. recommend this book for 10 - 12 years.


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