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Sep 18,2017

a pretty cool book, great if you like the other derek landy books. this book is a continuation of the demon road trilogy, at this point in the story, amber (the protagonist) is the represention of the shining one (big demon guy, very shiny) and has to go around collecting peoples offerings. she is more powerful than ever but is still no closer to killing betty and bill. this is a great finale to the series, definitly a must read if you like horror and intrigue.  

Sep 18,2017

This book is based on the life of Iqbal Masih. Iqbal was a child slave in Pakistan.  In his short life, he was a slave to carpet makers, chained to the looms, working long days to pay off a never-ending family debt.

He escaped only to be brought back to the carpet maker who bribed the police.

Iqbal made a promise to the other child slaves, things would change.

Sep 15,2017

The Harry Potter series is my absolute favourite book series. Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone is a fantastic start for the series.

Harry Potter is a young boy who lives with his horrible aunt and uncle, his parents died in a "car crash" when he was a baby. When Harry turns twelve he discovers that he is actually a wizard. Harry is invited to Hogwarts school of Witch craft and Wizardry were he has many adventures with his new friends.

The Harry potter books are magical as they take you into another world full of secrets aroound every corner, it is imaginative and fun. I would defininatly recommend it for anyone who wants to try it out. It is particularly great to start a series as it gives you many more books to continue reading. The series continues to get better and better as you read it so I would really recommend it.

Sep 13,2017

This book is a great interesting book about a boy who hates multicultural week and wants to do something instead so he makes a cricket team called nips xi. Great book, want to find out more read it.

Sep 11,2017

A fantastic thriller.  A real-page turner.

Sep 07,2017

I absolutely loved this book. It was a book I had to carry around in case I had any spare moment to read it! I was glued the whole way through the story and the ending can't be predicted. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a great read!

Sep 06,2017

The Sliver Donkey

By Sonya Hartnett

I really liked this book. The book was about a solider who went to war and left his family. He then became blind form the sights of war. He got a letter form his mum that said his little brother John was very ill. The solider has a special charm that reminds him of his brother. A special part of the book was all the stories that the solider told- these were the Nativiity story, the story of Simpson and the donkey, and another story about how a donkey brough rain.

 Overall I liked this book a ot. recommend this book for 10 - 12 years.


Marian Catholic School, Townsville.

Sep 06,2017
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The Silver Donkey

By Sonya Hartnett

This book reminds me of the wars and Simpson when he went  to the war because of the charm (the silver donkey) which is supposed to remind him of his brother john because he is very ill. I recommend this book to people between the ages of 8 to 11. What I mostly enjoyed about the book was the stories inside the stories. I did not see the ending coming which I thought was very interesting so i think anyone who reads the book will feel good inside like I did.


Oliver, Marian

Sep 06,2017

The Silver Donkey 

By Sonya Hartnett

This Book relates to me because I have a good luck charm like the donkey that the soldier keeps to remind him of his brother (John).The blind soldier has left war to go back home to England because his brother is very ill.Coco and Marcelle find the soldier in the woods and help him.

There are three stories within 'The Silver Donkey'.

1.Simpson and his Donkey

2.Jesus' birth story

3.Monsoon story of the Donkey

I rate this book 4/5 because it is very interesting,I would recomend this book to ages 9 to 12.

By Madison

Marian Catholic School

Sep 04,2017

2017 winner of the  Book of the Year for Older Readers.  A coming-of-age story.  17 year old Sam has been left desolate with grief after the sudden death of his mother.  His only option is to move away from Sydney, up the coast to live with his mother's estranged sister, Lorraine and her two sons.

Growing up the three boys had been very close and did everything together.  Then something happened and the happy extended family Sam enjoyed was no more.

When Sam goes to live with his Auntie, he is unhappy, unsettled and feelings of blackness settle over him at any given time. He is given to fits of  temper and he cannot forget his past.

He falls for Gretchen and for a time everything is fine.  Then the blackness descends and Sam feels he will never be good enough for Gretchen, she deserves more.  In his mind, the only good thing is learning how to surf.  Out in the waves he can forget everything and concentrate on not being wiped out.

Sep 02,2017

As many others have, I found this book after watching the 2007 film of the same name.

Sep 02,2017

George R.R Martin has created this incredible, complex start to a series in a way that, in all my years of reading, I have never seen the like of. Many sleepless nights were spent with my head in this book, trying to link all the different timelines together. In this world where thing are rarely new, this book -and indeed series- distinguishes itself from the rest in a way I just can't explain. I recommend reading this twice over before proceeding to A Clash of Kings (the next book in the series) to make sure you don't miss anything. 

Aug 31,2017

This book is amazing I have the Ibook version and audio book,

Honestly if you like anything mildly themed around Dan and Phil this book is for you, its my fave book, the audio book is better than the actual book tho because its like they're actually talking to you which is a pretty special experience in itself.

My favourite parts/highlights were probably the taxts, and deleted selfies, and when they went to japan they were hilarious to look at and read about and even funnier when they are read/described to you in the audio book. Other things I appreciated were the effort it would have taken them to write it, and find all the pictures, they hve used.

If you aren't part of the Phandon or don't even know who Dan and Phil are this is a great gateway into the Phamily, please join us we need friends and to feel accepted by society before we die and are forgotten for all of eternity.

Anyway if you end up reading this mess of a book I hop you enjoy it,

Happy reading, Chelcy

Aug 31,2017
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In this book a girl gets into a serious accident, and whilst healing her injuries she learns alot about herself and the people around her, what she wants in life and how shes going to get it. Overall this book was pretty good the underlying values and the character layers where alright, the story gets a little boring around the middle, but the start and ending are really good.


Me and my friends (who also read this book) came up with I funny idea that when Luke kissed Anna on the neck towards the end, that if he did it again he might break her neck again and she'd end up with Hayden after all.

Aug 31,2017

This book was boring 




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